Friday June 14th, 2024
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One Oak: A One of a Kind Steak and Sushi Experience

Diehard lovers of steak and sushi alike, we decided to test out One Oak, and we can safely say, it was an exceptional carnivorous journey...

Staff Writer

One Oak: A One of a Kind Steak and Sushi Experience

There are many times when friends fell out over where to go for dinner. On the one hand you have the sushi fanatics who refuse to go out for dinner unless they’re having sushi, every single time. And there are the fine dining hardcore steak lovers who refuse to have a steak just anywhere and insist on going to a specialised steak house.

One Oak at Tivoli Dome in Sheikh Zayed, have settled this battle once and for all with their ‘one of a kind’ experience, which is what ‘oak’ stands for. The setup of the place is very inviting and posh for a fine dining experience. It has one of those atmospheres that says welcome, but also, I am exceptionally cool and cosmopolitan. This is heaven for those who love their sushi and are passionate about their steak.

Before seeing the menu we knew these people don’t take steak lightly as many restaurants do. It is not just your typical two cuts of steak. There is a board describing the wide variety of different cuts, a guide to how well or rare you want your steak to be, a list of marinades and sauces, and even the type of knife that best suits your dining desires. If you have a special way you like your steak that no chef can do (even though at One Oak they can), you can cook it yourself at your table on a Blackstone which is a whole other experience on its own.

If like us, you love both sushi AND steak, you have the chance to delve into a proper Surf and Turf experience which is hardly found anywhere else in Egypt with extensive options as they do at One Oak. In case you're not familiar with it, the Surf and Turf is a trend where they mixed up both seafood and steak and came up with several mouthwatering platters.

Good thing we starved ourselves all day, because we ordered like monsters. We started with the Seafood Chowder with mussels and clams, and the most incredible salad we have ever tasted, the One Oak Salad. The salad was as overwhelming in flavour as it was in the description on the menu. With fresh cherry tomatoes, baby spinach, red onions, rocket, mango, apple, blueberries and blue cheese with a balsamic vinaigrette dressing, our palates and our whole bodies felt an adrenaline rush of excitement. It was hard not to order more in order to be able to try other things.

There were so many things we were dying for, so we ordered the items that allowed us to ty out various things, such as the incredible Quatro Steak Skewer, which is 4 generous portions of different cuts of steak; Tenderloin, Rib Eye, Striploin, and Rump. In case you don’t know which cut you like the most, or you like them all, this is your thing. It was so delicious that it was hard not to drool like carnivorous cavemen and maintain our fine dining composure.

We decided to share everything in order to order lots of things (that's always, always a good strategy) so next up was the juicy and ever so tender Whole Roasted Fillet. Although this one is for two or more, and a very generous portion of 600gm, we were going to start to fight over it until we remembered there was much more to come. We had Macaroni and Cheese and Creamy Spinach as sides, and they were wiped out clean.

Next up was our Surf N’ Turf plate with grilled shrimps, salmon, a huge chunk of tenderloin and the most delicious striploin ever. One of us personally declared it her own and not to be shared with anyone. The Angus Beef Striploin is a steak lover’s dream. If you like your steak juicy and with a little bit of fat, this is it. Your dream come true. The beef itself was delicious and with that smoky grill flavour that we all die for.

Being sushi addicts, we saved that for last. What a great way to end the meal. We opted for the One Oak 24 piece combination platter which included their signature roll that is not found anywhere else; The Salmon Maki Rocket Roll. It sounds simple. With Salmon, rocket leaves, and cream cheese in a roll, it sounds alright, nothing to get excited about. However, the excitement sweeps you off your feet as soon the roll is in your mouth, succulent and extremely tasty, it was wiped off by all in a silent polite battle. You know that battle well…when you quietly reach out fast with your chopsticks to grab that special piece that everyone is after.

What an amazingly incredible unique experience this was. Truly one of a kind. This grill and sushi bar is Cairo’s best hit in a long time.

You can check out their Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @1oakeg.