Saturday June 15th, 2024
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Pier 88 Just Launched Brunch and It's Insanely Delicious

Raising the bar on Nile-side brunches, Pier 88 launches an authentically inspired weekend brunch that will have you torn between eating their mouth-watering dishes and posting their insanely beautiful plates on Instagram.

Staff Writer

Pier 88 Just Launched Brunch and It's Insanely Delicious

Brunch culture is taking the nation by storm as just about every Egyptian loves the idea of sneaking in another reason to eat between breakfast and lunch. Entering the Brunch game is none other than upscale Nile-side foodie hub Pier 88. Tucked away on the second floor of the Imperial boat, Pier 88 just launched an ambitiously tasty menu that left us cleaning our plates better than any dish washing machine.

Upon arrival, we were floored by Pier 88’s gorgeous interior design which cleverly mixes classy gold and black hues with a variety of greenery providing a refreshingly cosy atmosphere. Presented with a menu, within minutes our bellies instantly began rumbling in excitement as the unique brunch menu boasted plenty of options not often found on menus around Cairo.Looking to start our epic brunch light, we decided to give the Smoked Salmon Salad a try. Arriving at our table, it was easy to see that Pier 88 was obsessed with tiny details as the grapes in the salad provided a slight sweetness offset by the richness of quail eggs and salmon, with asparagus providing a crunchy counterpoint rounding out this tasty and balanced dish.
As lovers of avocados, we found ourselves unable to resist the call of their Poached Eggs & Avocado on toasted bread. Poached to perfection our eggs deliciously exploded with the yolk mixing with the creamy avocado providing Instagrammable food porn.Continuing our Italian culinary adventure we decided to try their unique Beef Tartar all’ Italiana. There are plenty of Egyptians out there who will refuse to eat any meat raw, but foodies who enjoy exploring cultures through food will love this. Beef tartar has a bit of reputation of either being mind-blowingly tasty or nightmarishly awful. Therefore, many Egyptian restaurants are often not brave enough to offer this exotic delicacy, but then again that’s why Pier 88 is unlike most Cairene restaurants providing not only a mouth-watering balanced dish but possibly the standout highlight of our whole meal.The only rival for our favourite dish of the brunch was the insanely fresh Bavette Broccoli that uses pasta cooked from scratch and bringing together anchovies, pine nuts and pecorino; we fell crazy in love with this original flavour combination that created a food memory we won’t soon forget.
Capping off the perfect Nile-side brunch was the picture-perfect Ambrosia Fruit Salad. Bringing together homemade granola with creamy Greek yoghurt and fresh fruit naturally sweetened with honey. The beautiful dish was a wonderful way to close out the meal but could also just as easily have been the starter.

The careful attention to details, the stunning presentation, and the gorgeous atmosphere made our brunch experience a one-of-a-kind in Cairo. Our taste buds enjoyed our authentic culinary trip to Italy and before we left the table began checking our calendar eager to make a return visit.

Pier 88’s brunch menu runs every Friday from 12pm-5pm. For more information please visit their Facebook page.

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Photography by: Moataz Mohamed