Saturday 26 of November, 2022
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Sahel & Mince Tie the Knot

The next hottest relationship since Brangelina is Mince Burgers and Sahel, opening in three of our favourite locations on the North Coast.

Staff Writer

Who doesn't love burgers? People who do not love juicy, rich and succulent mince meat patties, topped with even more juicy, rich and succulent additions, wedged between two fresh buns are not to be trusted. Sure, we all want to head to Sahel to enjoy it’s crystal beaches and nightlife. Have we stopped to think about the food? Has anyone stepped up and said, “hey, but where are the burgers?!” Sahel has been barren of good burgers and for that our summer experience has always been tarnished, there always seemed to be something missing. Till now. As a beautiful relationship has flourished between Sahel and the one and only Mince Burgers.

Mince. True decadence is the name of the game when it comes to Mince. Take it take away, delivery or enjoy the venue and the cohesion of summer beaches and burger meals. We cry inside just dreaming about their menus... If you think hard enough you can almost smell it, the entrees of sweet potato fries and chicken wings...burgers galore from the classic mushroom burger to the Bistro Burger with caramelised onions and fried brie...oh, God this must be sinful. If you’ve got friends who hit the vegan trend, have no fear as Mince has them covered too.

It’s simply going to be a summer with Mince. Did we mention the variety in toppings that are available...fine we’ll stop, it’s just those burgers!

The master of its craft burger place will be open in Marassi (01273018600), Hacienda Bay (01223000622), Hacienda (01273018300). Find out more here.