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Stacked: Egypt's First Club Sandwich Deli Joint With International Ingredients

Fact: the best thing that happened since sliced bread is using it to satisfy our bellies.

A regular part of our mornings is sandwichat fool, and on a good day you'll find us downing the sandwich that is a lovechild of all the carbs, sakalans. But we don't often go beyond the classic sandwiches, and sometimes we just need a quick lunch – but quick doesn't mean it shouldn't be filled with meat (of known sources) and fresh hot bread. Cue Stack, the hipster deli place everyone's buzzing about that opened just last month in Zamalek. Aside from the fact that it's three stacked layers of savoury, scrumptious ingredients, it's perfect for casual business lunches or treating yourself to a hearty meal, and it's a healthy alternative for the kids when they insist on going out to eat.When we spoke to the founder, Ahmed El Shalakany, he told us something we didn't even think was possible: "Aside from steering away from the traditional club sandwich, our menu actually brings forth something completely new: it's divided into international sections. So, you have a club sandwich that's inspired by Moroccan ingredients, or Italian, or Indian, or even from the Nordic Sea, and it all falls under different types of protein as well – seafood, chicken, and beef." It's definitely not your typical club sandwich. Did we also mention they have a peanut butter and jam sandwich for kids? With seasonal fruits on top? But El Shalakany admits that adults order it just as muc,h too.Everything is made in house, and three types of bread are heavenly baked on a daily basis by a professional French chef. All the stacked sandwiches are served with delicious homemade regular/sweet potato chips, and a side of soup of the day. Plus there's three types of desserts. One of them is called Oreo Maddness. We'll leave it at that.

Check out their Facebook @StackedTheDeli for their menu, and more information on their catering and delivery services.