Thursday September 21st, 2023
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The All Encompassing Friday Brunch at Aqua e Luce

We found it; that incredible brunch that has everything you could possibly crave on a Friday afternoon at Fairmont Heliopolis and Towers' Aqua E Luce...

Staff Writer

Let’s face it, after a wild Thursday out, you wake up late, probably a little hungover or something like it. The week catches up with you and you are not leaving bed before 1PM. At the same time you feel wildly hungry and you want breakfast and lunch, otherwise known as brunch, but most places stop serving breakfast at 1PM, and you simply want to eat everything because it’s just one of those days. And we found the perfect place for this. Aqua e Luce at Fairmont Heliopolis and Towers serves a Friday Brunch for late starving risers such as ourselves in an open buffet from 2PM to 7PM. And that’s how you do brunch!

You know those funny moods you get in? When you want a piece of sushi, but you also want Mombar? Then once you think of Mombar you start thinking of ro’aa’, which makes you crave Kofta. But your mood swings are fast changing and suddenly you want Indian and a whole god damn turkey! You want all of it, AND you want your mom's bamya. And you also want a chocolate fountain AND basbousa and Om Ali and a whole kilo of baklava. Because that’s how you roll yo!

Now remember when you used to have to settle on one of the above? No more! It’s all there at Aqua e Luce in delicious abundance. Go and pig out all afternoon on anything and everything. Why? Because it’s Friday and that’s what decent hard working citizens do on a Friday. We wouldn’t expect any less of you.

If you’re worried about digestion finish off the meal with fresh pressed juice or a green tea and you’re good to go. Don’t let anything get in between you and that Friday Brunch! Brunch just took on a whole new meaning at Aqua e Luce and we like it!

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