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The BRGR Truck

Parked at Hacienda all summer, before traveling across Egypt with their succulent burgers and freshly-baked buns in tow, BRGR redefines eating on-the-go...

Swimming is always linked with hunger, and after an exhausting day at the beach, who wouldn't kill for a juicy burger? Now here's the good bit: the new BRGR Truck will be right beside you, having parked at Hacienda's pristine coast all summer long.  Serving deliciously fresh food made daily, including their own home-baked burger buns ( along with their very own secret sauce), this burgers that will keep you hooked. The secret of their spectacular cooking is no magic wand in the kitchen, but a terrific blend of different meat types that created the perfect bite to bedazzle your taste-buds. 

Knowing that the craving won't stop, just because the summer has, the BRGR truck will be traveling around Egypt after summer, spreading the joy of biting down into a big, juicy burger. We suggest you follow it.