Thursday September 28th, 2023
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Video: Cairene Woman Makes The Best Egyptian Brunch In Canada

Egyptian cuisine is finally trending in North America thanks to Maha's restaurant serving up a uniquely Egyptian brunch winning over foodies across Canada's biggest city while putting Egyptian cuisine on the international culinary map.

Staff Writer

Yes, we find it a little hard to share food with our siblings who sit with us at the same table, but we love it when the world tries our food, eh? Well, a sweet Egyptian-Canadian woman, opened up a restaurant in the neighbourhood of Leslieville in Canada's biggest city, Toronto, where she prepares some of Egypt's best and most delicious meals. Dining on a Dime host, Lucas Peterson, goes on adventures of uncovering the best street foods across North America, and he stumbled upon Maha’s Fine Egyptian Cuisine, which is family-owned, operated by the woman behind the name, and her two children.The restaurant is cozy, clean, and warm, and when the camera went into the kitchen, it just reminded us of our own mamas who make miracles whenever they find a kitchen and some fava beans. The boiling tomato-garlic fool, the ta3meya stuffed with eggs, the salads and dips, everything looks so well-done and perfectly made. Not to mention, they don't shy away from introducing seafood fiestas from the coasts of Egypt, to the traditional ghorayebas and other baked goodies, as well as fresh homemade 3eish baladi. By our calculations, that is a full 10 points for presentation, and obviously 37448 for taste. Maha said it was always her dream to open up a restaurant, since she was younger, while her kids planned out the rest. The family isn't your typical Westernised Egyptian, nah, they're extremely knowledgeable when it comes to everything that has to do with our cuisine and culinary creations.

Watch the full video here to know their story:

If you're living in or visiting Toronto, you should definitely head there for a little taste of home – looks like Maha (whose name almost spells 'mama') may also give you the best hugs.

All images belong to Maha's Facebook page @MahasFineEgyptianCuisine.