Thursday June 1st, 2023
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Wingo is the New Cairo spot uniting friend groups & cuisines

Wingo is the New Cairo spot uniting friend groups & cuisines with buffalo wings and boba.

Layla Raik

If your friend group is the kind that gets split in half before every fast-food-supplied outing at wings versus no wings, this new Tagamoa spot is the perfect antidote to the days of heated group chat debates. Wingo combines cuisines and friend groups to make the perfect Thursday night hangout on a flame-shaped bench.

Diverging from the well-trodden road of the Classic Buffalo, Wingo creates new worlds of flavour for the classic wing. From the herby Mild Saga to the Alfredo-sauce-induced All Whites and the Hot but Sweet wonders - it’s best to get them all & plate-pool. Not to mention the painfully on-brand Tahini & Honey dip for maximum Egyptian effect.

Besides wings, you can spring for one of Wingo’s juicy beefburgers, coming in a variety of fortifying sizes, or one of their crispy chicken sandwiches - the Original-ish and Buffalo Chicken provide an experience, that’s for sure. Besides, if you’re more of a finger foods don’t-mess-with-my-lipstick type of gal, you can always go for one of Wingo’s nacho spreads or a plate of loaded fries.

We suggest you ditch the traditional soda with your meal because Wingo offers a range of boba flavours to pick from for post-lunch conversations. From the classic brown sugar to the eccentric blue blend, Wingo’s drinks are a fun time for all tastes.