Tuesday 29 of November, 2022
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New Egyptian Brand Makes Greek Yogurt in All the Best Flavours

Healthy and tasty, KiK delivers flavoured Greek yogurt right to your doorstep.

Staff Writer

While we love being health-conscious, a lot of the healthy options in Egypt tend to be bland. Over the past few years, however, a variety of eateries and online stores are putting an effort into making the country's nutritious alternatives appealing to our taste buds. KiK is doing it by gifting us greek yogurt with some of our favorite flavors. Having launched a month ago, they're encouraging Cairenes to trade in their plain old run of the mill yogurt for greek yogurt flavored with vanilla, apple cinnamon, strawberry, coffee and chocolate instead.

Founders, Farrah and Karim Monib, worked on setting up their online store for a year before launching; perfecting the flavor and the texture.

"I think flavored Greek yogurt will be well received in Egypt because Egyptians are now more aware of the benefits of these types of healthy foods. And there aren’t many Greek yogurt places, if any, that sell flavored Greek yogurt!” says a passionate Farrah.

Selling their jars at EGP 35, KIK is currently just an online store, but they hope to expand one day. As of next Sunday the 22nd of April, however, KiK will be selling their products at the Bien Etre Institute in Zamalek. 

"Greek yogurt is healthier than normal yogurt since it has more protein and less sugars. And if you’re bulking up, KiK’s protein ranges from 17-19g per jar," says Farrah on the benefits of the alternative yogurt. 

KiK - which stands for Farrah’s brother’s nickname - was inspired by her brother's unwavering support when she was coming up with the idea of the online store. 

"It took me a while to come up with a name but I decided that since my brother is the  one who inspired me to take the initiative to create this brand, i would name it after  him. KiK is basically short for kika which is his nickname," says Farrah. 

Check KiK out on Instagram.