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Okhtein's New Fall/Winter Bag Collection Makes A Statement

Okhtein are taking us on a one-way colourful, leathery trip to Bau-Land with their beautiful new eye-catching bag collection.

Okhtein may only be a couple of years old, yet it seems like the AbdelRaouf sisters are among the quickest learners on the fashion scene. Mounaz and Aya AbdelRaouf have gone through a fall-wintery makeover after their hit with their earlier see-through designs. They have kept up-to-date with their leathery touches, infused with metallic figures while mixing colour with bizarre geometrical architectural shapes to trigger everyone's 'I HAVE TO HAVE IT' lust. Our fashion demons were hypnotised into submission.

The okhtein were taking a stroll down accessory lane, ironically called Rue Du Caire in Paris, France, where they found muse seeping its way onto sketches after an intense shopping session. Upon their arrival back to Cairo, their ideas came to life with their Take Me To Bau-Land collection.

According to Mounaz, "Bau-Land is where everyone is always busy with no sense of time." It can be visualised as a utopia of watchers, where fashion isn't only viewed but can view you right back, observing the hurried passing crowd. To create a more 'Dali' surrealistic sense in their new line, Aya told us that the designs resemble owls' faces, coloured with natural foundations, bizarre geometrical shapes, and translated into leather to give the sense of observation and attention. It may almost seem like the bags are glaring at you and whispering 'take me home, beautiful stranger'. So don't freak out, we're feeling that vibe, too.

Inspired by their imaginative and busy world, their bags seem almost as if they were sported previously by Alice on her wonderful journeys in Bau-Land. Speaking of people sporting Okhtein's designs, English A-lister Emma Watson was spotted wearing one of their earlier collection bags. Watson's stylist later reached out to the sisters and befriended them after reading an article about their designs.

Despite Okhtein's tendency towards creating artistic travel buddies, they are on the road toward launching another form of creation that aren't bags! You heard it here first, folks; on the 20th of December they will be collaborating with Loay Nasser Studios and Essie in an event to bring us a new mystery accessory. We tried and we tried, but they insist on keeping us in anticipation of what this new surprise will be. We can't wait!

Check them out on social media through their Facebook and their Instagram.