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Seashell Egypt: Brilliantly Useful Beach Bags

Seashell Egypt's new bags/towel/pillow have majorly elevated our beach experience.

Imagine this. You pack your phone, your wallet, a book and various beach essentials in your trendy, one of a kind summer bag. You get to the beach and your one of a kind bag has gotten soaked in the water, or buried in the sand, not to mention now you have no place to put your phone...drama, drama, drama. You also want to laydown on the beach but the only way you can prop your head up to read your book is if you make a pillow made out of a sand pile...your beach time dream has turned into a nightmare. Imagine all of this is because you didn’t have the right summer bag. This is exactly why, when we found Seashell Egypt’s new beach bags we raised our hands to the sky and thanked our lucky stars.

The bags seem like they have been conjured up out of a eureka moment. Mohamed Ali and Mostafa Magdy have joined powers to create this summer’s beach essential. “We wanted something cool, trendy and practical to perfect everyone’s beach experience,” tells us Ali. The fully Egyptian brand aims to be the ultimate beach companion; “we just launched these bags 20 days ago and already we have had great feedback and high demand.”

The bag is also a towel with a fibre pillow that is waterproof and has a waterproof pocket where you can have the things you don’t want getting wet, “the pillow is super comfortable, to the extent I ended up sleeping on the beach for two hours,” warns us Ali, so don’t get so comfortable you end up snoozing and frying yourself up under the sun.T he towel/bag/portable bed is available online with the owners promising a full refund if owners are displeased with the product after a week. The brand also have similar bags that scream beach but have a convenient waterproof pocket for your phone and valuables.