Saturday 26 of November, 2022
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5 Reasons the Sony Xperia XZ Premium Will Be An iPhone Killer

We head to Dubai to uncover the Sony Xperia XZ Premium - the world's first smartphone equipped with super slow motion capture, and a whole host of slick new features.

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Ah, Dubai – land of the oil and home of the duty free. We don't often venture out of our Cairo bubble, but when Sony Xperia invited us to the launch of their latest smartphone at the world-famous – if phallic – Burj Khalifa, we figured it was high time we took a break from our shabby lifestyles and hit the big city, heels and all.  

Dubai's sleek towers, all glass and steel, turned out to be the perfect setting for the reveal of the Xperia XZ Premium which looks like it's been carved out by the very same architects that designed the emirate. The flagship smartphone release of the year by Sony, the new device hits stores across the Middle East at the end of May and will very likely lure gadget fiends, fashion followers and photo pros alike away from the endless battle between Samsung and Apple and back to the iconic Japanese electronics pros.


While the launch event was wrapped in luxury, after a couple of short speeches, we were given access to a veritable playground in which to test the phone's unique functions. The Xperia XZ Premium might look serious on the outside but, much like Dubai, the fun really begins when we delve in. Here's why you might want to ditch your iPhone and pick up a Sony:

The Super Slow Motion Video That Makes Everything Look Epic


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So your phone does slow motion, but does it go SUPER slow-mo? At 960 frames per second, the Xperia XZ Premium's Motion Eye camera captures four times as many frames per second as other smartphones on the market, making for seriously stunning videos. We got to put this to the test at the Dubai event, where bouncy balls were thrown at us, water balloons were dropped on our heads and confetti was blown in our faces, all in the name of super slow motion.

The Predictive Capture Function That's Shooting Before You've Pressed the Button

Every now and again, we get off our lazy butts and move a little faster than usual. The Motion Eye camera's Predictive Capture anticipates your every move – whether that's a dance move or some sick skating tricks – and begins buffering one second before you hit shoot. It then gives you four photos to choose from, so you'll never post a blurry Instagram pic again.

The 4K HDR Screen That's Clearer Than Your Future

If there's one king of screens, it's Sony TVs – and they've brought the same technology from their massive Bravia LCDs to our pockets, making the Xperia XZ Premium the first ever smart phone with a 4K HDR screen. Time to re-subscribe to Netflix, we think!

The Smart Stamina Option That Will Make Sure Your Battery Never Dies

We've all become accustomed to taking our phone chargers wherever we go, but life doesn't have to be that way. The Xperia XZ Premium's Smart Stamina function learns how and when you use your phone the most, and tailors its battery usage accordingly, making sure it'll never run out of juice while you're still going.

The PS4 Remote Play Option That Frees Your Gaming Experience

So long as your Xperia XZ Premium and your Playstation 4 are connected to the same wireless network, you can forget the console and TV and let your phone be the screen. So, for anyone who's wished they could continue gaming when nature calls (admit it, you've wished you could play while you pooped), the future is bright.