Saturday May 25th, 2024
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Kiddle: The Kid-Friendly Version of Google

The Internet is a scary place for kids. We're actually pretty scared of it, too, sometimes. For a bright and colourful safe-surfing experience, try the interwebz's new kid-friendly search engine, Kiddle. The kids, that is, not you.

Staff Writer

Kiddle: The Kid-Friendly Version of Google

The Internet contains virtually the entire cumulative knowledge of humanity. Almost every word written, photo taken, and film made by human hands is available practically instantaneously - enlightening poetry and elucidating works by the best minds that bothered to write anything down. But there’s also a lot of crap, making the Internet a scary place for kids and adults alike.  

The new search engine Kiddle hopes to help keep everything weird, gross, and just downright inappropriate, from reaching kids’ screens. How? By combining the power of Google’s safe search with a team of editors who comb through web pages to make sure they’re suitable for the young and impressionable. 

Just like Google for grown-ups, kids can search the web for information, images, or videos. Once a search is queried, the first few results will be safe sites that editors have guaranteed will be easy for little tykes to comprehend. The next few results are written in an easy-to-understand way so kids will be better able to follow along. The rest of the results have been filtered by Google’s safe search, but might be full of big words that will confuse kids - or some of our junior writers. 

The website features Google’s familiar colours and a fun space backdrop, complete with a grumpy-looking robot. Check it out here