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Learn To Use The Future To Make Some Cash At Egypt's Maker Hackathon

Learn how to make your tech wizardry a business, network together with other 'makers', and make your dreams a 3D-printed reality at Maker Hackathon.

First things first: for those uninitiated in the ways of nerdspeak, let’s define what a Hackathon is. When you get a bunch of tech geeks in one place and get them networking and collaborating together, possibly towards a single defined goal, and just let them loose, that’s a Hackathon. Maker, in reference to the tech world, refers to the rapidly advancing realm of Maker Culture - 3D printers, robotics, metalworking - you know, making stuff. So a Maker Hackathon would be a bunch of people who make stuff using high tech methods getting together to work on new projects and learn from each other. Got it?

Cairo’s Maker Hackathon, running from February 4 - 6, will be focused on mobilising the maker culture in Egypt to use their hobbies, interests, and ideas to start a business. They’ll be providing all the tools a maker would need - 3D printers, laser cutters, Arduino boards (tiny computers basically) - alongside mentors who can show you how to use them. The point of the Hackathon is, essentially, to use the three days to flesh out your ideas, attend seminars about innovation and developing business models, and present your business model to a panel of judges on the third day. Prizes will be handed out and fun will be had. 

Students and graduates are welcome, and even if you don’t have a complete team, this is the place to find that missing link. Learn how to use your incredibly dorky powers for good and make some cash. 

Check out the Maker Hackathon event page here.