Saturday 10 of December, 2022
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OPPO's Limited Edition F5 Red: Improving On a Winning Formula

Having reinvented the selfie game, OPPO’s newest offering gives users even better performance upgrades in a sinfully stylish design.

Staff Writer

What’s there to say about the OPPO F5 that we haven’t already said? Besides shaking up the selfie scene with some of the sharpest camera technology on the market to help capture the real you, and powering it all with a beastly 2.5 GHz octa-core processor, the cutting edge AI they’ve incorporated within the phone’s digital little innards give your photos and especially selfies an extra sharp and beautiful edge. The AI seamlessly factors in things like skin tone, age, gender and even lighting conditions at the press of a button to give your selfies a massive beauty boost to make you the talk of selfie town.

And if the standard F5 wasn’t enough, OPPO decided to bless us humble consumers with their new and improved, limited edition F5 Red; all the neat little bells and whistles you’ve come to love in your standard F5, except even more amped up with 6 GBs of Ram instead of 4 and 64 GBs of internal storage as opposed to the 32 you get with the regular F5, and if that wasn’t enough, the sexy new design of the preciously limited F5 Red is a fashion statement in and of itself. And all for a bargain price. For those who want the killer tech of the F5 in an even more affordable bundle, the F5 Youth is your go-to option; having the same 6 inch FHD+ infinity screen as both the standard F5 and the Red as well as the onboard AI, the F5 totes 3 GBs of RAM instead of the F5’s 4 and the Red’s 6, and it’s available in both black and gold.

The F5 Red was the guest of honor at a ritzy launch event over at SASS restaurant and bar, with a roster full of some of most prolific influencers and famous figures snapping some  choice selfies with the megapixel monster.

For more info about OPPO and the F5, head over to their Facebook page.