Sunday April 2nd, 2023
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Take an Epic PokeTour of Downtown Cairo this Friday

Senior Writer and the person who helps us with all our computer problems, Skot Thayer, is going to lead a Pokemon-themed tour of Downtown Cairo this weekend. Find out how to sign up for a geek-infused cultural stroll...

Staff Writer
Attention Pokemon enthusiasts of Cairo, be ye old and inexperienced in the worldwide phenomenon, or young and knowledgeable on everything from Articuno to Zubat, prepare your pokeballs because you’ve got the chance to really up your Pokemon Go game.
This Friday, we’re joining the incredible folks at Al-Ismaelia (aka, the team who totally revamped Downtown Cairo) for one of their mesmerising tours of Wust el Balad and infusing it with our own trademark inanity by turning what should be an informative and enlightening experience into an excuse to catch virtual cartoons. Join an expert on Downtown history and architecture from Ismaelia as he’s tortured by our own Pocket Monster aficionado, yours truly, interrupting his carefully crafted tour and incessantly asking him to stop because I thought I saw a Chansey.
We’ll be touring the Downtown area and showing off the historical treasures that you never knew were right under your nose, while simultaneously blathering on about characters from a Japanese children’s cartoon show from 20 years ago. Fun! It will be fun though. it will be epic and you know it. 
Just shoot us (Cairo Scene that is) a message on Facebook or directly message us on Instagram to register for your spot on the tour and then stock up on potions and recharge your powerbank because it’s going a long day. Not really though because walking makes me sleepy. See you there!
You can check out Downtown Cairo on Facebook here.