Tuesday October 3rd, 2023
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How to Fix Your Broken iPhone in Less Than 60 Minutes in Egypt

Rejoice,  iPhones!  You  just  got  your  own  911  service  that  comes  with  a  red cape and  fixes  anything  in less than 60 minutes! 

Staff Writer
We made the mistake of watching Orphan once, and we were convinced for weeks that every child we see is actually a 40-year-old crazy lady. This was scary and everything, but it’s not the least bit as scary as the moment we saw our phone fall onto a rock hard floor. We saw everything in slow motion: the phone slipping, falling; our jaws dropping, falling; our hearts dropping, falling… shattering to pieces. This is what horror movies should be based on - the kinds of incidents where you see your whole (virtual) life vanishing before your eyes, the moment you (virtually) die. Luckily for us, new service, iFix now exists and it seems like our nightmares are about to end.

Since launching back in 2015, iFix quickly became a household name in the Egyptian service market. Their concept is easy, yet the service for us is nearly lifesaving. All you have to do is call them to request a fix - they will come to you wherever you are and provide their service within 60 minutes or less. The repairs happen right in front of your eyes and you get rewarded with a lifetime warranty after the work is done. Yes, you read that right - you’ll have a lifetime warranty so you don't have to deal with the same problem again from the beginning. iFix repairs hardware and software on any iPhone model. 

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