Sunday May 28th, 2023
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This 11-Year-Old Football Player Is One Step Away from Representing Egypt on a Global Stage

Ammar El-Adawy will be joining a team of 11-year-olds from all around the world, and #MO4Good, together with London-based NGO, the Eleven Campaign, is going all out to help him.

Staff Writer

In the horrendously divided and war-torn world of today, little children everywhere grow up believing that those who are different are bad, dangerous and maybe even terrorists. We teach them, with actions before words, to distrust the world and consider anyone who crosses their paths as an enemy until proven otherwise.

In such a world, hanging on to the little things which are keeping us united is of paramount significance. One of these things is football; the world's most popular sport is played on street corners from Rio Dio Janiero to the heart of Cairo. The game's famous players' names are screamed out in the same instant, from Australia to England, and that's the power of football.
The UK-based Eleven Campaign is a non-profit organisation that creates educational audio-visual projects and philanthropic events that use the power of sport, to celebrate diversity and promote equality and cross-cultural collaboration. The organisation operates in 12 countries, including Egypt.

In an effort to bridge the cultural and social gaps through sport, and create an opportunity for international collaboration that can face today's global challenges, the Eleven Campaign has been working for the past 3 years on an extraordinary project, the ELEVEN documentary, so as to bring 11 little boys and girls from all around the world together for a grand game at one of the UK's iconic stadiums.

ELEVEN is a feature-length philanthropic documentary that follows the stories of 11 eleven-year-old football-loving children, from 11 different countries, as they all come together to prepare for the biggest game of their lives.For the past 3 years, they have documented the 11 protagonists in various moments of their lives; exploring how their family, environment, and love for football, built their characters. All profits will go for charitable causes for children and young people all over the world.

The project will have kids from the Australia, Brazil, Denmark, Egypt, Greece, Japan, Rwanda, Spain, Trinidad & Tobago, UK, and USA walk hand in hand into the stadium. And despite the many cultural and language barriers and differences they might have, they will communicate with the united language of football.

Our parent company MO4 and its corporate social responsibility department, #MO4Good, are the main partners in Egypt. Together with local director Ahmed Rasheed and production company Red Star Productions, they managed to successfully finish filming in Egypt.

Ammar El-Adawy is the name of the 11-year old Egyptian who made it to the final phase of selection, all ready to take off to the UK and join his peers from all around the world and fulfil his fantasies. El-Adawy has been passionate about football from the moment he came into the world. "Football runs in my blood. I can't live without it," says El-Adawy, who is now one step away from getting on a plane to the UK in pursuit of his dreams. He will proudly represent Egypt and its culture in this unique experience.

El-Adawy needs more than our good thoughts and prayers though, and that's why the Eleven Campaign is going high and low by launching a crowd-funding campaign to send the little hero on his dream journey bearing Egypt's name. You can find out more at

#MO4Good is the exclusive partner for the communications of the crowd funding in Egypt and the Middle East.