Thursday 8 of December, 2022
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10 Biggest Fails In Egyptian Translations

Language barriers are a toughie...

Staff Writer

There's no shortage of evidence displaying how Egyptians can sometimes, well, struggle to get the message across. We've rounded up some of our favourites... 

Figuring out what exactly is on offer here will take a minute. 'Aspajty' can only be associated with spaghetti because it is followed by Bolognese. What exactly is spaghetti 'Miksikan' meat then? But of course, it's from Mexico. And 'chicks' is also just another word for chicken...


A favourite in every good Egyptian restaurants: HOMOS!


It's refreshing to be told just exactly what provided the chicken we're eating: cold-blooded murder!

A coffee shop that serves 'Esepresso' can't be missing some hot chocolate. This place takes it even further, offering 'Hot Chocolate Marchimillo' which is clearly just the fancy Italian way of saying marshmallow.


A coffee that is called 'Hammer Head'? Sounds like the express way to disaster...


This selection of delicious starters are inviting people to enter this restaurant and if 'Brown Balls' don't catch the attention of passers-bys we don't know what will...


Kantakio Chicken is the internationally known Japanese equivalent of Kentucky Fried Chicken... Or just the same thing as Kentucky Fried Chicken, just in Egypt and without the Colonel.


Egypt's street signs are known to be interpreted as well-meant advice rather than a traffic rule. This street sign, thankfully stating its essential message in two languages, could mean a lot of things: it could warn of male drivers, it could restrict parking only to men or it could mean nothing at all... Take your pick.


It's hard to make a decision about what to order here. 'Crank tea' sound like a super good idea while 'Forget' could be the answer to all your problems. And when getting 'Cinnamon pillow' or 'Ginger pillow' the element of surprise will brighten up any day as it is not completely clear what that exactly is.


In order to get a message across this translation spared no cost to have a professional provide the English. They did not just consult Google Translate. Maybe they should have.