Wednesday March 29th, 2023
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10 Things That Always Happen When it Rains in Egypt

EVERYBODY PANIC! But first, let me take a selfie...

Staff Writer

Traffic Stops

Let's face it, there are usually worse reasons to cause traffic jams. Rain, however, is one of those reasons that makes drivers just get more stupid than usual. Maybe it's people thinking "Oh my God, what is this liquid substance falling from the sky?" that makes them stop their car or the actual inability to navigate through a flooding street.


Back in the day, rain was a sign and a gift from God. Things haven't changed a lot as a lot of people still believe raining will unleash some sort of misfortune or doom on them as it happens so infrequently.

 Photos in the Rain

Rain in Egypt is the equivalent of a thermometre hitting temperatures above zero in Siberia. Hence, when it rains people want to capture it. And what is an Egyptians favourite way to express themselves? That's right, a selfie. You may only prove you saw the rain if there is a #selfie of you #dancing in the #rain. #YOLO.

Laundry Lines Get Wiped Out

Photo courtesy of Alessandra Elle/

When doing laundry and hanging the clothes out to dry around this time of the year the chances of having to run and getting those clothes back inside to save them from the rain doesn't occur to many people. However, when it actually rains it's game on.

 Sahlab Sales Rise

Photo courtesy of Cafe Blanc Egypt/

The changing weather calls for a change in behaviour. While summer invites us to order a fruity cocktail, the start of the temperatures coming down and rain actually hitting the city calls for an order of warm, delicious sahlab. Café owners better have raisins in store tonight.  

 Swimming Pools Everywhere

With only a few days of rain a year our government seem to have redistribute the funds that usually go towards drainage. As a result, streets turn into swimming pools. On top of that, the many holes in the street that are usually a threat to a driver's life can now be used to splash in. Beware of stepping in them though as you may never know how deep they are.  

 Mum Calls

It's raining, so your mother will definitely think you are going to catch a cold. Most Egyptians will most definitely receive a call from their mother making sure they are wearing boots and a scarf to make sure to stay healthy because with the rain comes the bacteria. Or something like that...

 #Rain Trends

Egypt loves social media so all over the country people are expressing their awe about the wet substance coming from above. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are littered with pictures of the rain in every corner of the country.

 Car Malfunctions Surface

All the smudge on your car windows when it starts raining should be easily cleaned using your wind screen wipers, at least in theory. In practice, it is most likely the day it first rains that Egyptians find out that these wipers don't actually work and probably never have. 

Where the Hell Do You Buy an Umbrella?

Raise your hand if you carry an umbrella with you just in case it rains? Didn't think so. But seriously, who even owns an umbrella? Where can we get one in Cairo? Since nobody knows the answers, we get creative once the rain hits. Favourites include papers, cardboard boxes and bags, however, the odd frying pan is another option.

Main image by Abanoub Ramsis.