Friday June 14th, 2024
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11 Things Every Egyptian Mother Says

7ayatak kolaha ghalat; you don't eat enough, you don't wear enough layers, you don't help enough - but apparently that's what every Egyptian mother says to her children. We swear it's like they have a guidebook.

Staff Writer

11 Things Every Egyptian Mother Says

Today's the day to treat your mother like a queen, young ones; she’s changed your diapers, sat by your bed when you were sick, and bought you expensive gifts. The tables have turned and it’s your turn to spoil her; take her out, buy her jewellery, or - in our case - give her an envelope full of money for her to spoil herself with. There are a few things that our mothers have done over the years that drove us insane, from throwing shabasheb at us to forcing us to wear a billion layers when going out - in the summer, but when it comes down to it, we have to admit that we all love our moms. It seems that all our mothers have done the same things at some point or another, or so we've recently discovered. It’s like they all went to the same mom camp – sorry mom...

When you ask to sleep over at a friend's house, but the idea simply does not process through your mom's brain. Why would you sleep at someone's house when you have a perfectly good bed at your own house?
She says this when you're out most of the time. Yes, this is what teens and people our age do; we have fun, mom.
That moment when you can't find your things and ask your mom where they are, and she magically finds them. "But I looked there! Where did you find that?" They probably have like a secret portal or something.
Every time you wear your ridiculously overpriced but very ripped jeans, your mom stares at them in horror and utters this phrase. They're cool mom, okay? 
Whenever she walks into your room, even if it's only dust in the air, she'll point it out and shout.
Even if it's 26 degrees out, you have to wear/have your jacket at all times - otherwise, you'll catch a cold.
That sentence. Every. Single. Time. Whenever you get into a fight or disagree about a certain issue, she always ends up saying that phrase – sorry to disappoint you, mom, but like you said, enti el rabeteeni, do a better job next time. *sees the fury in moms' eyes* Love us?
Ah, this question; whenever you tell her about a friend, boy, neighbour, or maybe even dog, she's always going to judge based on who his father is.
Oh, is fun not an option? We either drown ourselves in the misery that is school work, or sleep? Wow, thaaaaaanks...
Why? Just why? Why can't we go to our friend's house? *stomps feet like an annoying rhino* Yeah, until this day we never understood why she said that.
Oh no, what do we do? Where do we look? "Umm, sorry mom, I was out all day at work, and I was hungry, and I had to eat. I'll still eat again if you want me to!
*stuff faces with ma7shi until we can no longer breathe*


Photos by @MO4Network's #MO4Productions
Photography by Ahmed Najeeb