Tuesday October 3rd, 2023
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12 Spots to Get All Your Back to School Basics in Cairo

Ahead of Bazarna's mammoth Back to School event, the masterminds behind the shopping extravaganza give us their insider tips to nabbing the best gear for the school year.

Staff Writer

You know how back to school shopping can get incredibly annoying? You may be dealing with a child going through an early case of hipster-itis, or a kid that thinks a MacBook or a tablet is more important than stuff they'll actually need like backpack to carry it in. Also, some kids will always be kids, and there's a fat chance someone will throw a tantrum because summer is over and have a fit and the shopping will never get done.

Kids need to get excited about back to school shopping, perhaps in an open space, like you're tricking them into thinking they're going to a park. Bazarna events, luckily, makes bazaars for everything. That's why they have taken on part of this difficult task that can either be a nightmare or a total joy, depending on the setting, and put on the ultimate shopping extravaganza for all things back to school. Bazarna's Back To School Event at Galleria 40, on August 26th, and the following day in Downtown Katameya on August 27th, will have a ton of brands for all price and age ranges.

They will also have also have nurseries, home services, healthy food sellers, camps, learning centers, playing areas, arts & crafts corner for free by Adli Rizkallah, and entertainment for kids and their parents. And, in an attempt to teach our children to share and care, the MF Toy Run will be taking donations from unused backpacks to toys. They'll have no idea that they're being lured into a full eight months of workload. This event is getting us a little nostalgic and frankly, it got us missing going back to school. 

Here are the top 12 places, who will be showcasing their top items this weekend at both Bazarna's Back To School events:


This part of the Bazaar is where you will be finding everything, from JanSport backpacks, to Okiedogm Skip Hop. This is for the classy kids who love animals, birds, and dragons but refuse to be groupies of generic faces every kid is obsessed with on television. They will find everything, from insulated food jars, to lunch kits, and their new "Forget Me Not" backpacks, which have a clear lunch pocket! They shall never leave lunch behind again.

An old gem of a store, with a renovation, and a classic brand that is there to sell every school supply at the most affordable prices!
Literally every little thing for every little creature. This will probably be one of the most popular booths this weekend. They have a variety of supplies, catering to kids across the spectrum – the boys, the girls, the athletic, the crazy, the studious, and the geeks. Although these days kids probably have all kind of new cliques. 

Everything your kids want to have their names on to make them feel super important: stickers, name tags, kitchen labels, stickers for greetings and occasions. It's like a store for kids' business cards. 
This is only an exclusive at Bazarna Events, so make sure you stop by. This is for the moms of little girls who know their princesses are turning into divas; the ones who are already running over a list of who can sit at the lunch table with their group of friends. We're just kidding – this is for little girls who want to feel special and on top of the world.

Before your kids grow up, and make some paper, they need to understand everything that has to do with paper. You agree? Well, this has all sorts of charts for you and your kid to keep track of their progress, their rewards, their chores, and their fun activities.

This one may get a little busy, so make sure you catch it while you can. Who doesn't love handmade local work and the art of labeling all belongings? This spot will be holding a collection for the older kids and teens. 
Who doesn't love Disney? Seriously, anyone? This spot will have an authentic collection straight from USA exclusively at this event, make sure you get your kid their favourite character(s)... And moms, don't be shy to admit you may get yourself something too; a favourite childhood Disney prince may be single now.
Every mother looks at her daughter like a mini-you. It's endearing, and not weird at all. Please picture walking into school on the first day of school with matching outfits. So. Freaking. Cute.
With exclusive American brands like Camelbak, Beatrix, and Bubbleart, your kid may actually get excited for school – mainly to show off the cool stuff they just got from Kids Avenues.
Stationery for days! Some of the parents are avid notebook collectors, and some of the kids who can't study without taking physical notes, and some of the kids love to draw and doodle for hours on end, or you want to keep track of your kids' activities during the year. This is it. 

These guys were among the first in Egypt to introduce us to fabric-covered notebooks, and bizarre designs for pencil cases and tote bags – they are artistic, individualistic, and cultural, which are exactly the qualities we hope our kids would pick up on in their time at school!