Thursday March 30th, 2023
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13 Amazing Moments From Heineken Sandbox 2015

Ahead of this year's mammoth beachside music festival, we take a look at all the mayhem, magic, and madness that went down last summer, captured in these stellar snaps, released exclusively on CairoScene...

Staff Writer

The moment Nacelle announced Heineken Sandbox 2016, thousands of emails across the nation were frantically sent with people excusing themselves from work due to future "family emergencies" and various predicted "extenuating circumstances" for the weekend from the 19th to the 21st of May, while simultaneously calling up hotels in Gouna to check for space. Yeah, we're going to be sick (AHEM, shwasted) that weekend, too. So sick. 

After throwing one hell of a Sandbox party - the very first - in 2014, the Nacelle crew realised that one day was simply not enough time to sufficiently fist pump to House beats and drink industrial amounts of Heineken, and they thus extended the period of beachside dancemania to three marvellous days last year, also moving the party from Sahel's tumultuous waters over to Gouna's serene seas. Ahh, it was a glorious affair. Just like playing in a sandbox as a young child; y'know building sandcastles, filling buckets with seashells, filling cups with booze - that sort of thing. We laughed, we cried, we danced our asses off to more 4x4 beats than we can remember - in fact, let's all be honest here; large swaths of the event we simply don't remember. It was a blur of sun-soaked, beer-drenched, music-filled good times. We wore douchy open-side muscle tees with zero shame and lounged in absurdly oversized beach chairs and fell asleep on Ariika beanbags lazily floating atop the water. Good times; good stuff. Ahead of this year's mammoth music festival and the certain mayhem which will accompany it, we take a look back at some of the best moments from last year...

All images courtesy of Nacelle. 

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