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15 Of The Coolest Summer Camps For Kids In Egypt

School's out? Send the kids to camp! We've got the comprehensive guide to help you explore and decide where to send your children this summer.

Making the most of the holidays is easy when you’ve got the best summer camps in Cairo. This summer, the options are endless. Summer camps are a win-win situation for the whole family; when the children (or you) get tired of yet another trip to the Gezira Sporting Club, it's probably time to change things up and try out a summer camp. Whether it's just a one-day camp or a weekend-long sleep-away camp, the children are bound to make memories at some of our favourite spots, where they can conquer anything from science experiments to arts and crafts. We know its hard deciding what to sign up for, so here’s a guide of the best summer camps in Cairo. Whether your child loves music, dance, art, or simply making new friends, there is a camp out there that’ll keep them energetic and happy all summer long – without making you want to pull your hair out.

Kids Activities Center

Located in Katameya Heights, this centre provides after-school activities for children between the ages of 4-12. They offer art, music, jewellery-making, ballet, Zumba, karate, etiquette, and French classes. In addition, if you think your child has the potential to be a little Einstein, the centre offers science workshops as well as the monthly “little businessman” workshop where your child can learn how to market, plan, and build their own business. Cute, right?

If your child leans more towards the artsy side, the centre offers a drama club and book club. Prices may vary between 500 LE to 1200 LE depending on the class and hours; however, most classes are an hour long and are once or twice a week. They have collaborated with Camp-O-Mania and are starting a summer camp on the 19th of June until the end of August. The camp will include art and sports activities, as well as a drum circle, where the children learn different types of instruments — and who wouldn’t want a mini Mozart as a child?

Address: In front of The International School of Choueifat.
Contact 01099803991 for more information.


Located in Zamalek, Sane offers a vast array of classes throughout the year, including cooking, sewing, self-confidence, dancing (ballet, hip-hop, and Zumba), painting, and drawing, and theatre. The schedule changes each month, and prices may vary from 400 LE - 1100 LE, and each course runs for a month. Aside from the everyday courses, they have a summer program from June until August that is mainly focused on engineering for kids. Each week, they will have a different theme and focus, like superheroes for example. We wish we could run around in Superman costume, but we don’t want to be judged.

If you have no idea how to raise another human, sit back and take a breather because they have a few courses that’ll help you become a better mom. You can start the motherhood experience by learning how to soothe your little angels. Or, if you feel like you’ve got it all under control, Sane has collaborated with the infamous Azza Fahmy and are offering a jewellery design course to pamper yourself and your little girl. 

And guess what? They are now also in Sahil.

Address: 4 Yemani Building, Zamalek + Hacienda Bay Lakeyard
Contact 01156948295 for more information.

Fun Yard

Every summer they create a different theme, and this time around, prepare for a surprise – we won't ruin it… Aside from the creative art, drama, and music classes, they offer laughter yoga! Though we’re not sure what that really is, it sound’s quite intriguing. Children from ages four to 15 can take part in these activities. Side note: they plan treasure hunts as well, so a lot of prezies for the youngsters. The school runs from 8:30 AM to 2:30 PM, so if you need a break from your little monster, they’re here to save you.

Address: located 300 meters after Oasis Hotel on Cairo/Alex Dessert Road.
Contact 01007000871 for more information.

Art Cafe

Located in Maadi, Art Café is organising a summer camp between the 21st of June until the 27th of August. They just about covered anything and everything art related. They teach drawing and painting, sculpting, cooking, crafts, decoupage, candle-making, mosaic-making, Arabic calligraphy, sewing and patchwork, flower arrangement cake decoration, scrapbooking, jewellery and wire work, and art games. Is there anything else you could possibly want? Children from the ages of four to 12 are able to attend, and shadow teachers will be available for three-year-old kids for 200 LE. Most of the programs run from 9 AM until 4 PM, with prices ranging from 600 LE to 3000 LE depending on which program you chose.

Our tip: those who register between the 20th of May to the 1st of June will get a 10 percent discount, and if you have two children, you’ll get a 10 percent discount as well. However, you will have to provide your children with snacks and beverages to survive an intense day of fun.

Address: Road 11, building 10B, Maadi.
Contact 01227050753 for more information.

Club K Camp 

The camp will be held over three rounds: the first will be during Ramadan from the 19th to the 30th of June; round two will be from the 17th to the 28th of July; the final round will run to the 24th of August. Usually when children are exposed to paint, they go crazy, and now they can release their inner Wassily Kandinsky and paint on fabrics (and faces, if they want). They also have water activities­, clearly.

Address: Beverly Hills Club, 6th of October City.
Contact 01147147476 for more information.


Located in the heart of Maadi Degla, next to CAC, Peek-A-Boo is a kids park and cafe where children can socialise with one another. There are different activities all year round; however, during the summer, they host weekly events. With Ramadan coming up, they have a moolid theme where they’re bringing in a tanoura, clowns, and magic shows. You can also dress up your child in a galabya! Entrance fee is 50 LE per day from 12 noon to 10 PM, and 85 LE if they will be involved in activities such as pizza making and bungee jumping.

Some of their events include Splash Day, Farm Day, and Princess and Heroes Day, where children can splash around in their swimming suits, play with some furry creatures, or listen to a story by foreigners dressed up as their favourite characters. For those over protective parents, there’s a seating area/café for you where you can keep an eye on your kid and make sure he doesn’t eat glue...

Address: Road 213, Off victory square, a block from CAC, Maadi.
Contact 01005389379 or 01064446691 for more information. 

Adli Rizkallah Art

Starting June 26 until September 1st, Adli Rizkallah Art will be offering a summer camp for kids between the ages of three to 12. They’ll learn the art of storytelling, drawing, crafts, drama, music, origami, and paper sculpturing. The main goal is to enhance the child's scientific thinking, artistic skills, and develop their character. Did we mention there’s going to be a colour fight? We wish we could quit our jobs and join in on the fun, but…we’re all grown up now, unfortunately. The camp will take place in Smash Club in New Cairo and will last for nine weeks, from 9 AM to 3 PM. Quick tip: reserve before the 22nd of May and you’ll get a 10 percent discount.

Address: Smash Club, New Cairo.
Contact 01211112671 for more information.


When we think of our childhood, our minds automatically go to Fagnoon village where we used to throw mud at our friends – ah, the good ol’ days. Rather than giving your kid an iPad and watching them play Chicken Invaders, take them to try out a bunch of hands-on activities such as baking, iron smithery, jewellery-making, pottery, wood carpentry, and the basic painting and drawing. The ticket is only 25 LE and, parents, you get free entry... unless you take part in any activity.

Address: Sakkara Road, 12.5 km from Pyramids Road, Marioteya, Giza.
Contact 01001586715 for more information.

Kiddy Educational Corner Preschool

This program follows Dr. Maria Montessori (an Italian physician)'s approach when educating children. The approach has three main ideals: independence, respect for a child’s natural psychological, physical, and social development, and freedom within limits. They offer several activities such as science and discovery, dramatic plays, block and construction, reading, and listening, among numerous others. Children aged one can start to attend these classes­ – get a head start and maybe your child will become the next mini Steve Jobs.

Address: Square 1143, Villa 23, Abou Bakr El-Sedeek, Heliopolis.
Contact 0222685944 for more information. 

Little Stark

Can we really ever define fun if the elements of art and creativity are absent? Would art mean anything without proper education and guidance? At Little Stark your kids will be motivated to grow creatively and artistically as they also go through a strong supported educational STEM system. Through out the month of August you get to involve your child in this fun and themed opportunity to help them enjoy their time and still learn plenty to get ready for school. Each round goes on for 4 days and only costs 950-1100LE depending on age.

Address: Ahmed Nessim NR.8 Giza
Contact 01011878533 for more information


Located in 6th of October, Kidiology is all about developing social skills in your child within a healthy and fun learning environment. True learning comes with engagement, so Kidiology is seting up a season-long summer camp starting on June 19th for kids between the ages four and 12. The camp is equipped with numerous learning activities and fun games all under the umbrella theme of ‘E3raf Baladak’ (Know Your Country). The children will be given this very beneficial opportunity to learn more about Egypt firsthand through the use of these creative activities.

Address: Palm Hills Compound 6th of October.
Contact 01287444485 for more information.


Hewaya (Hobby) are caters to the diverse needs and interests of each child in their summer camp by featuring a variety of programs: Gary Carpe Diem, Rizkhallah Art, Nutty Scientists, football and outdoor games, music and dancing, and pottery. From 9 AM to 3 PM every day between the 19th to the 30th of June and the 17th to the 28th of July, your child can explore the different talents they foster. There are three different sets of age groups: 4-6, 7-9, and 10-12, all for the same cost of 1,000 LE per child per week. And guess what? If you register before the end of May, you get and early bird discount.

Address: Tara Compound, entrance 1, Sheikh Zayed.
Contact 0238504601 or 01001031870 for more information.


KidZania Cairo Summer Camp is coming this summer from the 19th of June till the 8th of September. Each day is divided into three different sessions: three hours of activity-related classes, lunch period, and some fun free time at KidZania. All children participating get a free summer camp T-shirt, a free scrumptious meal every day, two free adult tickets to attend the closing ceremony of the summer camp, and of course a B-KidZanian Passport at the very end of the summer camp week.

Address: KidZania Cairo, The Ring Road, Taha Hussein St. South of The Police Academy 5th District, New Cairo.
Contact 16593 for more information.


Kids Camp

Kids Camp summer camp is starting much sooner than most; it starts on the 15th of May and it will last all the way till September. Kids will get to explore carpentry, different forms of art, gym and fitness programs, and even chill in the pool. The people at Kids Camp are even organising field trips every Thursday free of charge. All the above included, you just pay 3,300 LE every month.

Address: Fifth Settlement, Fifth District behind Akhnaton School.
Contact 01027099123 – 01028669905 for more information.