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7 Products To Give Your Hairstyle's Lifestyle A 180° Transformation

Cosmetic distributor 180° is transforming hair beauty standards with their outside-the-box but easily inside-your-purse products.

When women look for change in their lives, they often go for little adjustments like getting their nails done, putting on some makeup, or going for a hair makeover - and, no, we don't mean squeezing out a fluorescent blob of leave-in conditioner, applying it to their hair, then calling it a day. These simple changes alter their mood and shift the way they see themselves by 180 degrees; it's no surprise that's how cosmetics distributor 180° Cosmetics came up with their name. 180° Cosmetics wants to serve all 360 degrees of femininity, to suit all women in their unique ways while highlighting the boldness. The colourful contrast in their logo speaks for itself - a degree sign that's simple and smooth, meant to represent the delicate nature of femininity, filled with sharp shapes that show strokes of straightforward feminine independence.

Distributing a wide range of international haircare brands ranging from Elgon, Elchim, Dessata and most recently Invisibobble, 180° Cosmetics help carry around a hair salon in the comfort of our own bags, which is what most girls could ever ask for. Their products are quite facile to manage, and provide instant hair backup within effortless reach. These seven hair-changing products are only a snippet of what 180° Cosmetics offer, so we basically just want them to take our money and make our hair fabulous.

Elgon – I|Care

If you've ever dyed your hair red then you're familiar with the bloodbath that happens every time you wash your hair. A sigh of relief washes over us folks with coloured hair as I|Care conditioning cream helps keep colour from fading away, as well as helps the dye stick to the follicles a lot longer so we can avoid that baby ostrich look. I|Care can also be used on untreated hair for a shiny effect and to maintain structure. Available in 12 shades, you can choose from a variety of lively colours ranging from red to blond, and even shades of blue. For those who want to try out a hair colour but are too afraid of making the bold move, Elgon understands your commitment issues; I|Care is a temporary treatment that lasts over six washes so you can try a colour before committing to it. 

Elgon – Luminoil

We know how dyes seem to suck the life out of our hair and we're left with split ends like haystacks. You can skip all of that agony with a little dab of Luminoil conditioning mousse after your hair is shampooed and squeaky clean. Why? Well, Luminoil protects against chemicals, reconstructs hair cuticles, and keeps dyed hair from fading and looking like an accident from the chem lab. Luminoil will leave your hair feeling silky and smooth with its superb detangling shine without that oily greasy after-effect that usual products inflict. It might be cold outside at the moment, but if you're up for a trip to Bora Bora, or if summer comes around quicker than usual, Lumionoil will protect your hair with its waterproof sea-salty skills and bounce off those damaging sunrays.

Elgon – Light Drops 

Light Drops is a daily routine serum used at any time to provide shelter from cringe-worthy dry, bristly hair. You can now easily run your hand sexily through your shiny hair without tangles coming in the way of your dramatic hair flip.

Elgon – Argan Oil

Opting for the hair dryer after a shower saves us from the frizz monster that scarily threatens our mirrors. However, day by day, hair strands start to tire and wither from the heat. Argan Oil, extracted from the mystical Moroccan kernels of Argania, has enough essential fatty acids and Vitamin E to balance out the wet hair follicles, creating an invisible layer of protection from the polluted air. Dry hair could also benefit from some drops to style and finish up. The aromas may tempt you into finishing half the bottle in one shot, though, which is highly un-recommended.

Elgon – Sublimia

Well, you could fill your bag with 10 different bottles for specific hair care tasks in an attempt to look sleek; or, you could opt for Sublimia, the 10-in-1 dynamic do-it-all that sounds almost too good to be true. Sublimia is made of luscious Keratin, red tea, silk proteins, and organic ingredients to seize wet hair and add a final touch. One bottle of Sublimia can keep your hair controlled, moisturised, shielded from the heat, saved from the dilemma of aging, made easier to style, given a shape and body, detangled, protected from UV rays, and made set to last longer, all while keeping its colour intact. Sublimia makes hairstyling less time/effort/money-consuming, and so freaking easy!


Most of our combs and hairbrushes often prefer eating our hair alive instead of detangling it. Dessata is a quirky smart hairbrush manufactured with special gels to avoid electricity and damage by adapting to the curvatures of the head. Dessata brushes are available in over 50 colours and made with bendable bristles that shy away from breaking hair, leaving you with detangled soft locks.


Pulling your ponytail out of a hair elastic is probably the simplest yet most obnoxiously painful thing to do after a long night out. Invisibobble is a peculiarly shaped hair tie that comforts your hair roots from that agonising pain, and leaves you with a firm, easily removable ponytail, sans the giant dent in your hair or having to retie the loose ponytail every few minutes. Also, because of its uneven pressure on the ponytail, it doesn't cause the usual headaches. Fun fact: just in case your naked arm feels too lonely, you can wear it as a bracelet!

With winter in full swing - *steps outside in short sleeves* - these seven products distributed by 180° Cosmetics are part of your hair care essentials this season. What's next for 180° Cosmetics? Well, Co-Founder and Marketing Director Perry El Ahmar tells us, "The future for us is the present. We think ahead, and we keep up with what women really want to comfortably use and find available every day."

Check out 180° Cosmetics on Instagram @180_cosmetics.