Saturday June 10th, 2023
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24 Kerrat Style

We talk to Nariman Tarek - founder of new urban clothing brand Kerrat - to find out more about her unique aesthetic and finally find some affordable fashion in Cairo.

Staff Writer

Cairo is pretty much overrun with cool, kitsch, funky fashion lines that are actually uncool, kitsch in the worst way possible, not very funky, unoriginal and pretty fucking overpriced for what they are. That market is saturated, guys. Move along. Kerrat, however, is one of the most interesting, new local fashion brands we've come across in a while. This new line, by founder Nariman Tarek, features a range of cool, eclectic, and seriously unique pieces; the kind of t-shirts you would totally Instagram. But it's not just t-shirts - it's a whole eclectic array of stuff. "I don't only have one story to tell…I design whatever comes into my mind," Tarek tells us. She personally creates all the artwork featured on the pieces, which is pretty kick-ass we might add, as it's all either drawn or created using Photoshop (we can draw a circle! Yay us!).

And she does all this with virtually no background in fashion, no less. The college dropout was in university for all of one semester before she ditched and decided to do her own thing. Not that we're advocating dropping out of uni or anything, but this is one case where it was definitely worth the risk (don’t drop out of uni, kids). The line, which spells her father's name Tarek, backwards, features "day to day" clothing (no ball gowns here guys but there are some gorgeous slinky gowns and uber-stylish tulle skirts that we are currently coveting) that weave elements of our own society into them, amongst other things. Think a knife-wielding Om Kalthoum. "I know everyone thinks fashion is a fluffy industry but it's not…it's truly an art form," she says. And her pieces definitely features some unique art on them. In her own words, "they are drawings of our society put onto t-shirts."

The line is intended to be both "affordable and professional," but it's not like when most Egyptian fashion designers call their lines affordable and it actually means you're paying a thousand pounds for a shitty piece of cloth you could buy from soo2 el gom3a. Kerrat's pieces are definitely fairly priced, selling at approximately 200 LE a t-shirt. The kind of t-shirt that both guys and girls would buy, and if your boyfriend has one, you'd definitely steal it. She's currently working formal shirts for men and there's a lot more to come. You can check out Kerrat's Instagram account @kerrat_fashion or head to their Facebook page here. Oh, and we're waiting on our CairoScene t-shirts Nariman…