Friday December 1st, 2023
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5 of the Best Camping Spots in Egypt

Peace, love and gorgeous views are to be had all across Egypt. Here are some of our favourites places to be one with nature...

Staff Writer

Being in the city, it is sometimes hard to imagine there are places out there where we can experience silence, watching a sky full of stars, breath fresh and clean air and sleep outside without turning heads. However, there are plenty of places in Egypt one may turn to for a camping adventure. In fact, Egypt hosts a multitude of camping sites that feature a unique outdoor experiences and reconnect you with nature. We have accumulated our favourite spots all over the country for the brightest stars, the calmest tranquility and the prettiest views.

White Desert

Place to be: Ahmed Desert Trekking Safari

Accommodation: Bedouin Ahmed Abd has been organising camping tours for years, being a Bahariyaa local who navigates through the sand and sea without streets or signs. He takes visitors around the beautifully naturally carved stones of the White Desert and shows them the best places to watch the sunset. When his Jeep finds a beautiful spot, Ahmed sets up camp, allowing adventurers to sleep underneath the stars. The camp will play host to a feast dinner, prepared by none other than Ahmed himself, and entertainment includes a bonfire, a Bedouin performance and, of course, admiring uncountable stars.

Price: Two days in the desert with one night under the stars cost LE550 and includes a Jeep safari, visiting all sights, and all transport, Bedouin camping including full board, tents and all equipment and sand boarding.


Place to be: Sawa Camp

Accommodation: Bamboo huts are lined up directly by the beach, featuring a single or double bed and a mosquito net. Shower facilities are shared but kept very clean according to traveler reviews. Each front porch has its own hammock. Relaxing, listening to nothing but ocean waves will be sure to put you in a trance. The in-house restaurant serves anything from freshly caught seafood to traditional Bedouin meals.

Price: LE85-95 per person per night, including breakfast. Discounts for big groups. 

Ras Shaitan

Place to be: Antika Beach Camp

Accommodation: Ras Shaitan is littered with camping villages that let you relax in a beach hut all day long. For those who are looking to be doing absolutely nothing but stare at the open sea all day, Antika Beach Camp is the right address. The beach huts are facing the shore, allowing for visitors to sleep, eat and relax mere steps from the water. Other huts are facing the mountains, boosting panoramic views all day long.

Price: The hut costs LE75 per night and includes breakfast and snorkeling equipment. 


Place to be: Abou Galoum

Accomodation: Heading North for an hour from the Blue Hole, you will hit a Bedouin Village at the beach in which two brothers rent out camping huts to visitors. Getting to the abandoned place is possible via boat, horse, camel, donkey or walking. However, the fact you can't just drive up to the camping site will highlight the experience of solitude and tranquility. The huts are basic, yet beautiful. The brothers provide all meals and water and tea, leaving you to enjoy nothing but the simplicity of life far, far away from anything.

Price: LE100-120 per person per night, including full board.


Place to be: Lofty Camp

Accommodation: Upon arrival in Siwa, Lotfy Camp is recommended to visitors who have made the trek to the gorgeous oasis. The tents allow for them to sleep underneath the stars at night and explore the small desert village during the day. Shower facilities are nearby, however, the biggest highlight at Lotfy Camp is its hot spring in which you can soak and relax. The panorama in Siwa is unlike any others and enchants everyone with a mix of nature, charm and scenery.

Price: A tent is LE35 per night and includes a hot dinner and use of the hot spring.

All images courtesy of the respective Facebook pages of each establishment.