Friday 2 of December, 2022
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5 Netflix Shows to Binge Watch Over the Holidays for Every Type of Person

Because how else can you make the most wonderful time of the year even more wonderful?

Staff Writer

The holiday season is upon us. Ho, ho, ho, and all that. And we may not get snow in these parts, but just like the white people over the pond, there's always that fucking annoying colleague who blasts Christmas songs and forces holiday cheer down your throat and makes you want to strangle them with tinsel. And just like everyone, we have our own set of Christmas traditions because, let's be honest, Christmas cheer is all fine and jolly, and wreaths are okay, but the best part of the season is drinking mulled wine and binge-watching Netflix shows - preferably at the same time. 

Just last week, we headed over to London with the Netflix crew to celebrate the festive season and check out the sets of some of 2016's most epic shows – The Crown, Narcos, and Stranger Things. But since we have already watched and re-watched those three shows and requested a tiara as our Christmas present from our boyfriend who bought us socks last year, we need find more things to sit in bed and binge-watch while fervently ignoring our work emails. So here are some things every type of person should check out.



If you like gritty Narcos-esque dramas: Fauda 

If you literally stayed up for two days straight with no actual cocaine to watch Narcos as soon as it aired on Netflix and you like the grit, the power struggle, and the fact that it's based on true events, you should check out Fauda, a new politically-charged thriller about the complexities, chaos, and casualties of the Israeli-Palestine conflict. It follows an undercover Israeli army unit as they try to catch one key militant of Hamas and there's death and sex, but also deeply heart-wrenching human stories. The show has rapidly picked up since it aired on Netflix at the start of December and has the Arab world buzzing, likely due to its controversial nature. Whether or not you find it to be biased will be up to you to decide, but it is definitely worth checking out.If you don't mind watching stories about kids in shows that work for adults and you loved Stranger ThingsA Series of Unfortunate Events

If you liked the kooky, quirky nature of the surprise hit of 2016, Stranger Things, then A Series of Unfortunate Events (yes, just like the movie) is set to launch in January. It's a bit lighter than Stranger Things but also features a bunch of kids and is an offbeat kind of show that, even though you're a full grown adult who pays their own phone bill and everything, you so want to watch. Also, it features Neil Patrick Harris (aka Barney Stinson) as Count Olaf; it's comedic; the set is kitsch; and you should totally get stoned and watch it. Oh, and there's secret codes here, too. It doesn't launch until January, but hey, we get two Christmases here so it's still technically holiday season and you'll still have candy canes to accompany your – err, special cigarette.If you were madly in love with The Crown and you love all things nostalgia: Gilmore Girls A Year in the Life

Yes, one of them takes place in a royal palace and there are too many actual crowns to count and a British accent you kind of end up trying to imitate as you watch the show, and the other, well, doesn't, but they both make you want to curl up with hot chocolate and a blanket, and they've both got the whole nostalgia thing going on. One makes you wish you lived in an age where you dressed as fabulously as Princess Margaret and the other reminds you of the many, many days you spent pretending to do homework in middle school while actually watching Lorelai and Rory talk about totally inane things and crushing over Jess and wondering why all you had in your class were five Mohameds and none of them ever brooded or looked anything like Jess or had ever read a book.If you have kids and you don't get to watch things like Fauda because they're always around and you can't get rid of them now after you chose to birth them: Kung Fu Panda Holiday

You should totally watch Kung Fu Panda Holiday because Kung Fu Panda is awesome and you can let your little brats enjoy it while you go and have some grownup mommy or daddy time getting drunk off mulled wine. Or you can just watch it because it's awesome. Plus, it's the holiday edition, so yay you – you get brownie points and can feel good about yourself for being a good parent and giving your children some Christmas cheer.If you still can't stop thinking about every Black Mirror episode: 3%

Netflix's newest show 3% is the very epitome of a dystopian future show that makes you distinctly uncomfortable but is also undeniably epic, much like Black Mirror. The show imagines a future where the elite 3% get to live on an island paradise far from the horrific squalor and misery of the mainland - but to end up on that island, you are pitted against the other 97 percent and given only one shot to make it through. It's disturbing and fascinating all at once, and shows just how far humanity can be pushed. 

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