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7 Ways Ameely Makes Your Dubai Trip Better

Here is how Ameely Travel will help you make the most out of your Dubai Shopping Festival experience this year!

Travelling can be hectic and, unless you have a personal assistant, to work out all the wrinkles and plan everything down to the itsiest bitsiest of details, you, my friend, are ruined! And with the Dubai Shopping Festival 2016 just around the corner, travelling to Dubai is sure to be even harder as people from all over the world are flocking the City of Gold to celebrate the shopping madness fiesta! But, no worries, Ameely will hook you up! Remember the days when you'd travel with your parents and they'd plan everything for you, holding your hand and your tickets and even your luggage? Yeah, Ameely basically does that. 

Dubai Deals 

Dubai is one place where you can’t slum it, it’s just not possible and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. It's the City of Gold, guys, so even slumming it is a matter of four-star hotels instead of five. La-di-da. That's where Ameely comes in, though; they can work their travel magic and book you rooms at optimal rates, even in Dubai.


With years of experience under its belt, Ameely knows the ropes! You can't afford rookie mistakes, you have some serious shopping, clubbing and dining to do! Don’t let some noob try their experiments on you like you’re their lab rat.

Tailored Packages       


Why pay for an open-top bus tour if you don’t want to go on an open-top bus tour? What if you just want to bike through the entire city like a weirdo, huh? Then what? Ameely can tailor a package around your wants and needs to fit you like a glove.

Quality Excursions  

You don’t want to be seen with a group of poorly dressed tourists in sun hats. It's embarrassing, especially when you're in Dubai. With Ameely, you get to tour in style, with your dignity and self-respect intact.

Speeding Up the UAE Visa Issuance Process

Don’t let your bulging rapsheet, horrible passport photo and unfortunate last name get in the way of your shopping dreams. Let Ameely ‘take care’ of it.

Quality Transportation

Do you really want to roll into a city famed for its luxurious cars in a small European eco-friendly car that looks like a shoe? Unless you’re planning for your stay to be totally PG-13, this is a bad idea. If not, Ameely can hook you up with their gorgeous airport pick-up ride and roll into Dubai like a boss.  

Ameely has an office in Dubai!      

This is the cherry on top of the snazzy Dubai cake; Ameely will always be a taxi ride/local phone call away! It’s like having your own personal travel agent hold your hand as you make your way through the city.

Check out Ameely and Dubai's crazy deals on Facebook.