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9 Hipster Things to Do in Cairo

Here are the top ten ways to try hard to look like you're not trying at all, right here in the capital.

Let's be honest: hipsters are everywhere, from Berlin to Brooklyn and even here in Cairo, we are surrounded by wannabe artists with more trendiness than sense. If you feel that you've neglected your cool factor, then it's never too late to embrace your inner cool kid.

Here are our Top 10 ways to be a Hipster in Egypt.

1) Go to an experiemental music night at VENT

'Oh, have you heard about this totally cool electro-dub night'? No? We haven't either.

2) Pretend that you 'totally get' the art at Townhouse Gallery

'Oh wow, I can totally see the inner pain felt through the artist's work' No, you can't you're a knob.

3) Go to a Gallery-cum-Cafe, drink weird tea and pretend you live in Berlin.

Pretend as much as you like - you don't.

4) Go to 100 Copies. Full Stop.

Cairo's original pretentious hotspot buried in the heart of Downtown.

5) Pay stupid amounts of money for one-off vintage clothes because going to the mall is so 'basic'

If you want old clothes then why not raid your nan's closet for free?

6) Go to Dahab / Neweiba

Dreadlocks. Sand. Enough said.

7) Buy the new IPhone 6 and bend it due to your super-tight jeans.

Dress like a hobo but carry an overpriced phone - anybody see the contradiction here? No? Ok...

8) Go to El-Borsa cafe

Go here to buy overpriced shisha and talk cobblers about politics before returning home to your parents' house in Zamalek.

9) Wear a Kiffeyeh

Viva La Pales... We bet you don't even know where it is.