Sunday 4 of December, 2022
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9 Ingenious Egyptian Things

Well, we have been inventing for 8000 years. We were bound to get a few things right.

Staff Writer

The 2ola

Somehow clay in the sun keeps water cold. We will never understand the physics behind it but bravo Mr. scientist/Tut-Ank-whatever-your-name-is Pharaoh.

The Sabat

You're sat home watching Game of Thrones with your snacks. Wait, what snacks? You ran out of them. Easy. Just lower your basket and yell: "Ya 3am 7amada, wa7ed bebsi w etnen shibsy fil sabat."


Your rearview mirror's broken? Amir. Your iPhone's case is broken? Amir. Your legs are broken? Amir. Your heart is broken? Bardo Amir.

The Nafada

Beat the dust out of rugs and mattresses, relieve stress and get a work out, all in one, then proceed to vacuum anyway. Also good for scaring children.

The Afass

Your gorgeous, grainy balady bread retains its form, freshness and downright fluffiness thanks to ingenous wooden grid it's carried on. Meanwhile, in the West, limp, squished bread in bags. We know what we'd choose.

Waslet el Dish

Where else in the world could three buildings and about 42 household share the same satellite connection? It's not cheap. It's efficient.

Ortas el Ta3meya

Environmentall friendly? Yes. Free reading material with your falafel? Check. Hot, crispy ta3meya without that weird condensation that happens when you put warm things in plastic bags? Bloody genius.

3arabeyet el Batata

Tell any of your foreign friends that you can stop pretty much anywhere in Egypt and get a piping hot, healthy snack on the street, and see how jealous they are. P.S batata is a great hangover cure. So there's that, too.


Do you have cold? Antinal. Stomach ache? Antinal. Diarrhea? Antinal. Blue balls? Antinal. Osteosarcoma? Two Antinals.