Monday 28 of November, 2022
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Al Cazar Just Debuted Their Latest Collection Campaign in a Breathtaking Photo Shoot

Furniture masters, Al Cazar, have just launched their newest collection campaign featuring Egypt's hottest influencers.

Staff Writer

Excuse us for a minute; previously, we wrote that if Harry Potter and Tiffany & Co. collaborated on a project, they would create a furniture love child embodied in the exquisite furniture designs of Al Cazar. Now, at the time, we were being hypothetical. But it seems that the divinity of Harry Potter and the elegance of Tiffany’s have somehow been brought to life in Al Cazar’s latest furniture collection. We’re not sure how furniture could look so sexy.

To mark the launch of their new pieces, Al Cazar collaborated with some seriously gorgeous models and influencers; coming from the fields of lifestyle and fashion. The celebrities featured in a playful, vintage style photo and video shoot captured the essence of Al Cazar, and the timeless styles that never change, even if generations do.

The likes of Noha El Sherbiny and Ahmed Hamdy were filmed to conceptually capture classic relationship situations that quickly turn quirky and playful at the reciprocation of cute gifts, such as modern love songs or kittens. 

In this year’s collection - perfect for newlyweds (just sayin’), Al Cazar has intricately featured busy patterns, stripes, and textured surfaces in each furniture item; yet maintain that seamless and effortless vibe we all love. One can identify countless colours through Al Cazar’s arrangements, but not a single one overpowers the other, allowing each item to be it’s own statement piece while at the same time, fitting nicely with others.

You can check out their arrangements at their showroom in Heliopolis; but for now, we leave you with the photo shoot below. 
Production by @MO4Network's #MO4Productions.

Art Director: Malak El Sawi
Photographer: Ahmed Najeeb.

MUA: Agnes

Hair: Mohamed Al Sagheer

Wardrobe: Flair Boutique

Noha Elsherbiny
Zeyneb Azzam
Miral Mahilian
Ahmed Hamdy
Yusuf Dwairi
Omar Hesham

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