Friday December 8th, 2023
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Egypt’s Furniture Trendsetters Al Cazar are Launching an Epic Collection on Saturday

Here’s a sneak peek of the new suave, elegant, and incredibly stylish collection by local furniture crafters Al Cazar. You can have a closer look this Saturday. You're welcome.

Staff Writer

What happens when Harry Potter collaborates with Tiffany & Co. on a master furniture project? You get the brilliant culture-infused Al Cazar Fine Woods contemporary furniture collections that somehow combine the elegance of Tiffany’s with the divinity of Harry Potter. Now they didn’t literally collaborate together (although that would be amazing), but Al Cazar did promise us a unique launch of their annual furniture collection this Saturday February 25th.We know we sound like our own mothers, who regularly chew off our ears with chatter about the new cool couch they saw at the mall yesterday. But we’re not exaggerating when we coin Al Cazar as the trendsetters of Egypt’s furniture scene. Suave, elegant, and stylish, yet irrefutably practical and contemporary. They’ve covered everything from bedrooms, dining rooms, coffee and side tables, to sofas, chairs, and an entire outdoors furniture range. Their designs remind us of grandma's don’t-touch-that-it's-vintage couch, with an added modern twist so we don’t feel so outdated. The best part, all of it is manufactured and designed right here in the motherland.

As a family-owned business, Al Cazar has been running strong since 1988 with a new in-house-designed collection being released every year. Founders and partners of the local brand, Sherif Sadek and Injy Hamza, have also attributed international acclaimed standards to the business by showcasing their extravagant and distinctive works in exhibitions in Milano and Paris.Be sure to head to the showroom in Heliopolis this Saturday and score yourself a doze of dazzling furniture!

Here's a sneak peak of the new collection.

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