Saturday June 15th, 2024
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All Gold Everything

One of the coolest new accessories brands we've seen in a while, we check out the latest line from Ayten Bijoux.

Staff Writer

All Gold Everything

Some well-chosen (or even haphazardly chosen actually) stylish accessories can literally salvage the most basic of outfits – we would know, it's only our various rings and necklaces that manage to keep us from sinking into straight-up hobo-attire territory. In our humble opinion, a statement ring is probably as good an investment as the perfect pair of ass-lifting jeans. Rushing out of the house having woken up approximately seven minutes before work is meant to start? Throw on black pants and a top and then toss on some rings and – ta-da! – your outfit isn’t so boring anymore! Having said this, we are currently crushing on Ayten Bijoux, a new Cairo-based jewellery line that's got some serious statement pieces.

Primarily based on a golden palette, the line features some of the hottest current trends in accessories. You know those top finger rings everyone's sporting right now? They’ve got them in every style from criss-crossy shapes to Vs to waves. Naturally, we too are obsessing over these (despite every guy we know questioning whether we just bought a ring that was too small to fit on our finger – NO okay, it's stylish, you just don’t get it) because they allow you to overload on rings, cover every bit of flesh on that finger! Ah fashion, always finding new and exciting places to add some bling. And we do so love to decorate our fingers. Ayten Bijoux's summer collection also features some full-finger rings – we're loving the stacked one below – and a gorgeous hippie-meets-Arabian-princess headband that we fully intend on purchasing and then wearing daily in our sad attempts to feel like royalty. Please just refer to us as Princess from now on, okay?

Their campaign is also actually pretty kickass, and they’ve enlisted Carla Siag to model the stylish jewels in a series of very visually cool shots with just her perfectly manicured (in a sexy shade of fiery red) hands clutching at the face and torso of a rather handsome (and very dapper) gentleman, at once a little sexual, and perfect for highlighting just the jewels adorning her hands.

But possibly our favourite piece from the collection is the hand bracelet/palm cuff/whatever you want to call it until it gets an official fashion title, that we've seen on the likes of Hollywood celebs such as Jennifer Lawrence and Sarah Jessica Parker but has yet to really explode in the accessory world. This is the first we've actually seen of it in Egypt and we're madly in love with it. It will be ours. Anyway, the entire line is not extensive, but gorgeous and promising and we can't wait to see more of it! 

Check out Ayten's official Facebook page here.