Saturday September 30th, 2023
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Are You Ready To Ignite The Beach?

How does putting your mind and body to the test to compete with other teams sound? How about if we add 50,000 LE and a beach?

Staff Writer

We are all guilty of spending tons and tons of time either slouching on a beanbag at a friend’s house, stuffing our faces with ice cream and chips to unprecedented levels because it’s our ‘free day’, or just doing our best to find excuses not to hit the gym. Guilty as charged. It gets tedious though, doesn't it? The same routine, the same machines, the same grey walls or window views – we get bored pretty quickly. We'd admittedly rather be on the beach. Apparently Ignite Egypt knows us all a little too well and is out to make us sweat a little extra on the beach this time around.Ignite Egypt, which offers challenging performance training programs, will be launching Ignite the Beach from April 28th till May 2nd in the North Coast. You and your team work together to come out on top in several challenging competitions that also require some serious mental exercise, leadership skills, and real team spirit (not the fake one you pretend to have in your work meetings). So is it basically like Survivor on the beach? We'd say so. Plus, if the whole physical competitions and mental mazes you have to navigate with your team aren't enough of a challenging incentive, there's also 50,000 LE up for grabs as the grand prize. 

Maybe we should've spent more time at the gym and less time feasting so we can actually have a shot at this. Oh well, looks like it's time to ditch the beanbags and Ignite the Beach!

To participate in Ignite the Beach, you need to sign up by sending a message to admin with your email and phone number so that they can reply to you with details.

For more information you can visit the event page or Ignite Egypt’s main Facebook page.