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Bassita and Egyptian Food Bank Launch New Clickfunding Campaign Featuring Nelly Karim

CairoScene's community partners Bassita team up with the Egyptian Food Bank to launch their new clickfunding video campaign entitled 'Warmer Winters'. The overall mission is to provide 20,000 Egyptian families with supplies to keep them warm this winter, but they can't do it without your click.

Continuing to prove that #clickscount are Egyptian do-gooders and CairoScene's community partner, Bassita, a local startup that raises funds for social initiatives, who have teamed up with the Egyptian Food Bank to launch their latest clickfunding video campaign. Entitled ‘Warmer Winter’ this incredibly important video campaign features beloved Egyptian icon Nelly Karim who hopes to generate as many as 2.5 million points through clicks, likes, and shares. If they reach their ambitious goal, the Egyptian Food Bank has committed to delivering trucks of food, clothes, and shelter supplies for 20,000 families spread across Egypt.

Helping Egyptians in need find warmth this winter will never get any easier than simply clicking on this video.As it stands around 5.3% of Egypt’s population lives in utter poverty struggling to get by, which only gets harder during the bitter cold winter months. To help as many as 20,000 families across the country, the Egyptian Food Bank, Clothing Bank, Cure Bank, and Decent Life Bank have come together and are committed to delivering warmth if they reach 2.5 million points on their video before January 23rd.

The #clickfunding point system allocates different values for different actions.

1 view = 1 point
1 like = 2 points
1 share/retweet = 3 points
1 comment = 5 points

To date, the award-winning Bassita platform has managed to accomplish their previous missions ranging from supplying access to clean water to providing eyeglasses to artisans with poor eyesight. So, if you feel inspired to help Egyptians, unable to find warmth this winter, then all you need to do is click, watch and share .

For further information or to keep track of the campaigns mission visit here.