Monday December 11th, 2023
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BeFit with Jabra

Teaming up with the BeFit crew, Jabra is providing the soundtrack to a healthy summer up in Sahel. Find out how you can nab yourself some discount vouchers so the music doesn't stop when you come back to Cairo...

Staff Writer

There's nothing like some pumping beats to get your body moving. Without music blasting in the background, exercise just becomes a whole lot less fun – ask anyone who actually exercises. For instance those ripped guys and toned gals from BeFit Egypt – you know they didn’t get their buns of steel and washboard abs without some tunes to get them in the mood. This year, the fitness fiends are getting their music courtesy of Jabra as they host their summertime BeachFit sessions in Hacienda with the aid of the uber-loud wireless speakers! Now, personally while we're by the beach, very little could persuade us to get off our asses, leave our cocktails, and get up and exercise but that's probably why our thighs rub together when we walk and the crew from BeFit have killer formet el sahel bods.

This summer, their seaside workout sessions that lead to them looking way better than us when they don swimsuits, will be fuelled by Jabra. The Solemate Max is being used in all the indoor classes to make the room vibrate with sound, and they're providing all the mats for the sun-soaked sessions on the sand! Plus if you happen to join the fit shilla they're also giving out discount vouchers so you can nab yourself a pair of their epic wireless earphones for your workouts, which save you the misery of getting all tangled up in useless wires. Plus they look really cool…

You can check out Jabra's Facebook page here