Thursday July 25th, 2024
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The 10 Best Vets in Cairo

If you were ever unsure as to where to take your pet for excellent medical care, here's your comprehensive guide, as rated by pet owners across the city.

Staff Writer

The 10 Best Vets in Cairo

Finding a vet that will take care of your pet and treat it just the way you do has become difficult nowadays, with animal cruelty having reached its peak in the country. Especially when it comes to vets, you want to make sure that they treat your pooch/kitten/turtle/armadillo like the little royal you think they are. So we rounded up a list of vets in Cairo that handle your precious pet delicately, offer you the advice you need and professional service, as rated by users of The Dogs Network based on personal experiences, as well as collected by us from pet owners across the city. 

Pets Valley

Visitors said the clinic consists of a very nice group of staff who are caring towards the animals and careful in their treatment of them. "The best clinic I’ve dealt with so far," described a client.

Contact number: 0224196504 \ 0102 822 1167          
Address: 29 Shams El Din El Zahaby, Heliopolis

El Saftawy Veterinary Clinic

"When your pet is sick, what a lot of vets in Egypt usually do is just prescribe medication and send you on your way and you care for them at home. But Dr. Omar El Saftawy actually takes your pets in when they're ill, keeps them at the clinic for as long as necessary and cares for them really well until they're better. And sometimes he even takes in stray dogs and cares for them as well. He's really compassionate and you immediately trust your pet with him," says Ahmed Khaled, who has been sending his dog to him for two years. 

Contact number: 01064437905 
Address: 24 Esraa El Moalemeen St, Mohandeseen

Dr. Farouk Bahgat

Reviews said this vet is excellent and always available by phone, handling animals with care and attention. "I have Dr. Farouk to thank for his care and professional skill, attention," read one client's comment on the The Dogs Network. 

Contact number: 01222198733
Address:  4/6 7th Sector, New Maadi, behind Arab Organization for Industry Hospital

Advance Care Vet Clinic

Visitors describe the clinic as honest, helpful and gentle. "I had a wonderful experience at this clinic with Dr Ramy," specified a client.

Contact number: 01005058650
Address: 6C, Street 199, Degla, Maadi

Island Vet Clinic

Visitors say the vet is always quick to reply to any concerns, calls and questions. "They were extremely pleasant and loving towards my dog; he fell in love," a client speaks of their experience.

Contact number: 01126782224 \ 01144000034 \ 01092449442
Address: B Khaled Ebn-El Waleid, in front of Sedeek Mosque, Sheraton, Heliopolis

Zamalek Veterinary Center

"I'm a first time cat owner and I was a bit worried about what to do and how to care for them but this center was incredibly helpful. They walked me through all the steps - they also spoke perfect English which was really useful since I can't speak Arabic. The vet that we met with, Dr. Mohamed, was friendly and professional, and all the services at the clinic were very reasonably priced. They even give you these cute little 'cat passports' so that you can keep track of all their vaccinations," says Kelly Stiebel. 

Contact number: 01064814805
Address: 8 Samir Zaky st. From Mohammed Mazhar st. Beside CIB bank

Modern Veterinary Clinic - Dr. Aziz Sharaf El Din

Dr. El Din is said to always be available on his phone, and one dog owner even said they opened the place specially for her in an emergency situation. "Dr. Aziz Sharaf El Din provides excellent pet health care and is an excellent diagnostician and surgeon — a little expensive, but totally worth it," specified a client on The Dogs Network. 

Contact number: 01111141122 \ 0122-3042229 \ 0122-3042229
Address: Inside Dana Mall 1, Ground Floor, New Cairo, Cairo

Dr. Nevein Hosni Hammad Vet Clinic

The doctor is said to be very experienced, and specialises in surgeries and critical conditions. "Her clinic is one of the best, and most professional ones I've been to in Cairo, I definitely recommend visiting," says Sarah Fahmy who has been a loyal patient at the clinic with her German Shepherd. 

Contact number: 0238524037
Address: City Centre, 1st District, El Sheikh Zayed, 6th of October

I-Vet Clinic

Clients confirm the vet's slogan, 'We treat your pet like a family member.' "It's important to acknowledge the fact that animals, too, do feel and need to be handled with care and dedication and this clinic definitely does that," says Mona Tarek whose cat has been a patient at the clinic.

Contact number: 01006895894 \ 0227538802
Address: 258 Street, Maadi

Pet Palace Veterinary Clinic

"This clinic actually treats the animals with love and cares for them just like you do, providing a well trusted service. The team obviously cares for animals and their health, and so far I've felt very comfortable with them and had positive experiences," says Mohamed Auf.

Contact number: 0112 677 8882
Address: Marcato Mall, Beside Nile Int. College & Qebaa Mosque, Fifth Settlement, New Cairo