Wednesday March 22nd, 2023
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Bræs: The Egyptian Brand Bucking the Trends of the Hair and Skincare Industry

The brand includes an all-natural slate of products that cater to several types of hair and skin, and aims to boost women's self-esteem as much as their self-care.

Staff Writer

In an age of heightened self-care, full blown festivals celebrating natural hair and a relentless stream of chemical-free products, the simple acts of looking and feeling good aren’t so simple anymore. This is where Egyptian brand, Bræs, comes in, stripping away the gimmicks that have come to define much of this field.

“We’ve personally suffered a lot with all the new straightening techniques, and hair dyes, and only found ourselves going back to natural remedies,” co-founder, Amira Zay, told CairoScene of a brand that she started with fire, Yara Saleh. “We started experimenting at home during our leisure time by casually watching videos, reading books and studying natural methods in general, mainly delving into the details of natural oils.”

In a personal crusade to find products that suit their hair, they tapped onto a formula that they felt they had to share with the world. Bræs specialises in all-natural hair, skincare and cosmetics that are both simple to use and apply, and are of peak quality.

“We wanted to provide a wholesome experience to the users when it comes to what a woman would seek in ‘perfect’ products,” Amira explains. “We couldn’t settle for less than the image we wanted to convey and seek worldwide competition. Bræs means sass. In other words, complete confidence and lack of fear; that’s what we aim to provide. We want to express the importance of self-prioritisation and we believe it’s essential to have the time to love and care for one self”.

Bræs not only provides quality natural products for body and hair, but they have established something of a community that seeks to encourage women to put their wellbeing first. In doing so, the brand has created an aesthetic and personality that promotes a lifestyle, more so than sales.


“Our hope for Bræs is to inspire women to reach their goals without letting go of their self-worth, and expand our products in the Middle East in the near future”, Amira added. She and Yara aim to have their products be a hub for women to visit not only for products, but for beauty tips, success stories of inspiring women, and to impact the industry as a whole.

Be patient, don’t give up on your hair and skin,” Amira says. “Embrace your natural hair and skin types, only aim to enhance not alter. Love yourself.”

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