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Burgerque Bursts Out

After a mouthwatering campaign, Maadi's latest culinary creation opened with a bang last weekend. We sent our resident burger aficionado Kurt Galalah to give it a go.

Ahhh burgers… They don’t go out of trend, do they? I was cruising along Maadi’s Road 6 when this burger place with a cowboy-ish logo that looked like Billy Ray Cyrus could be playing inside caught my attention.

The dining space had a massive palm tree that made you feel like you were on an exotic island. I raced towards the table underneath it and examined the menu that had the word “gourmet” plastered all over it. I was expecting something better than I’m used to from the burger industry’s household names and that’s exactly what I got. They had everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. From deep fried corn dogs, rustic goat cheese salads, chili fries, cheese cakes, hell, they even had Haagen Dazs milkshakes. That wasn’t what really pushed it over the edge though; it was that they had shisha! After long perusal of the cool menu, I decided what I want to eat; the Guac Attack burger, Jalapeño chili cheese fries, crispy onion rings, and a peanut butter and banana espresso smoothie (I’M NOT A FAT COW I WAS JUST HUNGRY OKAY!). Everything was on my table in less than 15 minutes and I was ready for it... 

The Guac Attack isn’t aptly named, because the burger didn’t attack me. On the contrary – I attacked it and it was glorious. The freshly mixed guacamole and spicy salsa exploded in my mouth in the best way possible. The chili cheese fries were crispy and had that fresh fried layer which was perfect to battle the heat of the chili. The corn dogs are what every corn dog should aspire to be; the batter actually stuck to the dog well and you get that nice equal balance of the dog and cornbread. As for the smoothie, it was the perfect thing to wash everything down with. After I Godzilla’d everything and left nothing but the table, my belly that resembled an 8-month pregnant woman was satisfied and ready to leave. The service was fast with the waiters chiming in suggestions, and they seem to be very in tune with their customers burger needs. I fell in love with the place the way I fell asleep, slowly and then all at once, and you definitely will too...

 Find out more about Burgurque on their Facebook page here.