Thursday 8 of December, 2022
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You Can Have Coffee While Doing Laundry at This Weird and Awesome New Cafe in Maadi

There's also high-speed internet.

Staff Writer

When it's the weekend, there are a million better things to do than catch up on running errands or doing laundry. It's only when you're a few hours away from leaping back into another working week do you realise how much easier your life would have been if you had just done them.For Maadians, however, this dilemma was put to rest with the opening of Wash n Coffee in the upscale Degla district earlier this year. The unique facility, which offers advanced laundry service, comes fully equipped with its own cafe and high-speed internet just so you can catch up with that friend over coffee while you wait for your dirty underwear to get all fresh and clean.

"You basically rent a washing machine for your clothes and you have the option to enjoy our facilities (coffee place, internet, TV) while you wait for them," says founder of Wash N Coffee Mohamed El-Doh. You have the option of bringing a giant load of laundry, handing it over to one of their in-store professionals and sipping your caramel latte until it's done, or if you're OCD, and your whites and off-whites have to be separate because obviously, you can just rent a machine and do them yourself. The uniqueness of the service and the fact that it's in Maadi, we couldn't help but imagine it would cost a fortune to take advantage of their services, which turned out to be far from the truth. "Our biggest washing machine, which takes up to 14 KG of clothes, will cost you a total of 170 pounds for the whole washing and drying cycle," explains El-Doh, adding that 14 KG is the average size of a whole week's laundry for a family of five.

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