Monday 5 of December, 2022
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DIY: Acid Wash Jeans

Acid wash is the denim du jour. Karim Rahman explains how you can make your own.

Staff Writer

No one can contest the essentiality of denim in our lives. Going to a posh party? Slap on a pair of skinny jeans, accessorise with the right top and platform heels and you're good to go. Going for a chill walk around the block? Jeans, honey. Except, wearing plain, regular denim can become quite tedious after a couple of wears, especially with the direction the fashion visual aesthetics are going in these days. It's all about flashy, shocking, and out-there articles of clothing and, while plain basics are an essentiality in every fashionistas wardrobe, sometimes you just need to mix it up a little.

But here's the other catch: mixing it up can be a bit expensive. Scratch that, it costs a shit load of money. Be prepared to sell an arm, a leg and a kidney if you want a decent pair of acid-washed, ripped denims. But we are in the age of independence, so instead of going bankrupt for those gorgeous pair of jeans, how about you do it yourself? Take back what's yours; stick it to capitalism.

Disclaimer: Acid washing includes the use of bleach, which is a highly corrosive material, so take all necessary precautions when using it.

The process in itself is quite simple, and the materials needed are quite common to any household. You're going to need: a pair of jeans, some household bleach (Clorox ya3ny), a spray bottle and some rubber gloves. If you're a bit shaky about your ability to properly pull off the acid-washing process, it's best if you experiment on a pair that you never wear, as opposed to the designer label you had to sell your soul for. 

1.Put on the rubber gloves at all times. Undiluted bleach can seriously damage skin. 

2. Pour some bleach in the spray bottle. The more the bleach, the higher the degree of acid-washing and the faster the effect is. If you're going for a lighter, faded out effect, mix some cold water in with the bleach. The more the water, the lighter the effect and the longer it takes to bleach.

3. Wet your jeans and put them on the floor. It is preferable for you to do this in the bathroom on a tiled floor (like the bathroom floor) as to avoid any corrosion from the bleach. If not, then put some protection under the jeans (i.e. plastic wrap or cardboard).

4.Spray bleach on the jeans. The more acid washed you want your jeans to be, the more bleach you'll spray on it. If you want an entirely deconstructed effect, then spray bleach all over your denim. If not, then spray it on a couple of spots instead (example: knee or thigh area only).

5.Wait until you can see the material of your jeans become visibly bleached, then wash your jeans. I recommend you hand wash them with cold water first, then machine wash to ensure that all the bleach is out. (Reminder: gloves must be on AT ALL TIMES)

Wear old clothes when you're playing around with this, and remember: black denim will usually acid wash to a light beige tone, while regular denim will go towards a light blue/white shade. The stronger the bleach, the lighter it gets.

And there you have it! A perfectly wearable pair of acid washed jeans and you get to keep your kidney! It should also be noted that this technique can work for canvas shoes or Converse All-Stars as well, but I'd advise you to dilute the bleach even more in that case.