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Egypt’s Freshest New Nightlife Concept Promotes Local Talent and Launches Tomorrow

FAM is Cairo’s newest party concept that brings local artists, music and food all under the one roof, and it kicks off tomorrow!

As we sit in our offices pretending to work on really important things, we imagine ourselves escaping onto a boat, sipping wine and tasting goodies. If you can relate then look no further - Alia Abdelrahman has your back with the first of her FAM events series. Bringing together the best in food, art and music (FAM - do you get it?) in the one place, it’s all happening on Zamalek's Le Pacha 1901 boat tomorrow!

Are you now realising that this boat with wine drinking and food eating can be your mid-week reality? Because we are.

FAM, the first party concept of its kind, is based on the premise of promoting and supporting local talent, as well as changing what we consider to be ‘going out’. Abdelrahman has invited local painters Nour Bassiouni, Fawkia Hammouda, Heba Serag Eldin, Caroline Berzi, and Heba Hassabo; photographers Ahmed Kadry and Alia Rady; and live art performer Abdel Rahman Shawky - it's a feast for the senses. Plus, you'll get the chance to purchase any of the artworks displayed.  

You know there will be art, you know there will be food, but we haven’t quite covered the music, and it’s definitely not what you think. While you mingle and appreciate the plethora of creativity that exists in the local community, the incredible Hassan Ramzy will be covering our favourite tunes, from Florence and the Machine to The Weekend. But one can only mingle and drink for so long; so Marc Wahba will be taking over the decks to throw an old school and funky mini party bash. So be sure to bring dancing shoes, fam (did you see what we did there?).

Make sure you reserve by calling 01001909091.