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10 Words That Should Be in Egypt's Urban Dictonary

We look at a few of the uniquely Egyptian slang words that litter our lexicon, complete with definitions. Which are your favourites?

If you are Egyptian, then you are very well aware that a lot of the Arabic that gets spoken in the streets aren't actually Arabic words but express exactly what needs to be said. We have compiled a list of our favourites. We know we have missed alot of them, however, that's were you come in, Cairo. Follow the format we have used and add your favourite non-sensical Egyptian words below in the comments section.



  1. A wuss

  2. A weakling

  3. A wimp

ex. Don't worry about that guy with the superman T-shirt, he's a total Sees.

Tary or Nity


  1. A person that cries readily for little to no reason

  2. A person that whines and complains too much.

ex. Christiano Ronaldo is tary, but the whole Italian football team are total nitys.



  1. The act of disc jockeying.

  2. A DJ in the process of mixing.

ex. DJ Basterma fire beyDa-Jen Techno and only Techno.



  1. "Forget about it"

  2. To intentionally neglect something

ex. Fokak, she isn't pregnant so why are you worrying? 



  1. A person who tells lies

  2. Bullshit

ex. That reports is an iftakasa, Egypt is not the worse place for expats.




  1. A total Mama's boy

  2. Somone who is extremely lazy

ex. That Borotta doesn't have any drugs. That Borotta doesn't even have a job.



  1. A slang term expressing a very long time

  2. A billion dicks

ex. My Big Mac took a zebilliar hours to get here.



  1. A human doormat

  2. An idiot

ex. There is no point in dealing with him, he is a hatya.



  1. a little

ex. Turn up that 100Copies compilation sika.

Suttub, Sayev, Farmat, Dalit


  1. Various computer terms that have been turned into bastardised Arabic.

ex. After farmatting my computer, the suttub dalit what I thought I sayeved.