Friday March 31st, 2023
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Fiat Unleashes #ThePowerOfX To Rediscover Egypt

Fiat is challenging five fabulous Egyptian movers and shakers to take the new Fiat 500X out for a weekend, during which they have to complete a series of fun tasks for a shot at a huge prize!

Staff Writer
Italy and Egypt are combining their powers to bring the iconic Fiat 500X to our streets for the first time and we couldn't be more stoked! Imagining the epic road trips, cruising around with friends, taking in the sights of the one of the most scenic countries, has got us itching to get behind the wheel.
Luckily, Fiat's sending five social media superstars, each with a co-pilot to help with driving, snacks, and neck massages, on five jealousy-inducing journeys to some of Egypt’s most excellent destinations. With the undeniable technological superiority of Fiat against the irresistible allure of the greatest cities in Egypt, these five intrepid influencers will embark on a quest across the asphalt to create the ultimate road trip, second only to Frodo's. Hopefully, they won't run into any trolls.
During the trip each team will be tasked with completing challenges inside and outside the comfy interior of the Fiat 500X for points. Whoever manages to rack up enough points with their escapades will get an all inclusive trip to the Al Tarfa Lodge in Dakhla Oasis with three guests. Don’t go and get worried that they’ll be forced to take on anything too reality-TV-terrible, though. Tasks such as lip-syncing along with their favourite song on the massive Beats-powered sound system, making shadow puppets with the headlights, a scavenger hunt within the 500X, plus photo and video posts galore, should be no problem for our audacious heroes. Reenacting scenes from the last James Bond or washing the 500X Dukes of Hazard style, might be a little trickier. Where are you supposed to find cut-off denim booty shorts this time of year? 
Now onto the contestants!
Our own El Scene duo, Timmy and Waleed Mowafi, YouTube stars, masters of satire and of making their guests really confused and uncomfortable, are heading to Ras Sudr. Personally, we can’t wait to see them washing the 500X in Daisy Duke booty shorts. 
Renowned visual artist Bilo Hussein, who uses photography to capture the souls of Egypt, will head to Fayoum. 
Salma El Kashef, a cinematographer and photographer who brings out the tranquility and simultaneously, the unruly chaos of Egypt, is going to take Alexandria by storm. Check her out on Instagram.
Entertainer and comedian extraordinaire is going to be on his way to Sahl Hasheesh - just follow the trail of people ROFL. 
The gorgeous world traveller and model is taking the Fiat 500X all the way to Sharm El Sheikh. As if the people there weren’t lucky enough already. 
Check out Fiat Egypt's Facebook and Instagram for more enticing info about the 500X.
Photoshoot by @MO4Network #MO4Productions
Shot on location @TheGreekCampus