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Filthy Rich

Arab money is the most valuable currency out there. We round up some fantastical displays of spending we've come across on social media.

With all the talk about political administrative figures being pawns for financial institutions that con the masses into a system of bogus interest rates and sub-prime loans that further expand the gap between the rich and the poor, somewhere else in the world there is money also not being spent on what it should be. Somewhere where financial translucence isn't discussed behind governmental doors and in courts but on Instagram and Facebook; the rich Arab world. And, to be fair, it is far more appealing because, instead of property and corporate investments, the money is being spent far more imaginatively...

We have a feeling eight tortoises didn't ask an Arab to stack them up in order of size.

Has enough money to turn Lamorghini into a Tron vehicle, but not enough to pay for license.

10-year-old spends two million on license plate. Can't reach wheel.

Only the best for my kitties...

Because no one should ever have to walk in public get from their supercar to their superhome.

You can even buy yourself a legendary rapper if the price is right.

All warm and cosy...

Doesn't everybody take their cheetahs for boat rides???

Everyone must know I own TWO pairs of True Religion jeans.

The all-new iPhone 6.

Still playing Fifa on your PS3? Psht...

You are cordially invited to a gala dinner... on a jet.

I wash my hands with sparkling water. I drink diamonds.

That must be insanely good charlie.