Tuesday March 21st, 2023
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Find Out Who Just Won #CSTopCat2015

After hundreds of entries, the winners of our cutest cat contest have been chosen by Boutique Paws. Find out if your feline made the cut and won an awesome prize!

Staff Writer

For the last two weeks our Instagram has been flooded with hundreds of photos of Egypt’s most adorable pussies. #CSTopCat2015 was so successful that we decided to extend it an extra week, and add more prizes for the finest furrballs in Egypt. To avoid hundreds of angry cat loving emails asking why they didn’t win, we decided to let Boutique Paws judge the competition. You will be glad to hear none of our CairoScene cats won, so obviously were pissed, but we will live, and so will you. Without further ado here are this year’s winners.

First Place


This baller: El Meesh. 😎 #NotFat #JustFluffy #MessiAndMe

A photo posted by Sarah: [travel • diary] (@arabian_gypsy) on

Congratulations you have won the purrrfect prize pack including; an engraved collar, Pet Head Crazy Cat Lady fragrance, a bed, toys, and a printed T-shirt for your cat.

Second Place


LIFE❤=MESSI😻👔 #photogenic #catsofinstagram #ebnyhabbiby #messi #tb #cstopcat2015

A photo posted by 👯DiDi ^._.^ESS!!!🐈 (@nadineshussein) on

Congratulations you have won an awesome cat toy!

Third Place

Congratulation you have won an awesome cat toy, too!

Honourable Mentions


Koki leaves her paw prints on my heart🐾 #CSTopCat2015

A photo posted by @lailahatem on



Zeeko the sk8er cat! 🐱✌ @cairoscene @boutiquepaws #cstopcat2015

A photo posted by Mona Omar (@monaaomar) on

Although your cats did not place in the top, they were too adorable to be forgotten, so Boutique Paws will be offering you both 10% discount on anything in the store.

To collect your prize please send us CairoScene a direct instagram message with your real name and phone number and we'll be in touch to tell you how to collect your prize. For everyone else, there is always next year, and if you happen to have dog stay tuned for Top Dog coming to an Instagram near you.