Monday 28 of November, 2022
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Get Happy, Healthy, and Hugging At Osana Family Wellness' Grand Opening

Celebrate the birth of Osana Family Wellness this weekend at a gorgeous villa in Maadi, complete with consultations, sample classes, a chance to hang out with the instructors – oh, and hugs!

Staff Writer

With the fast-paced rhythm of our days – between work, family, social, and financial commitments – it's often hard to find time to dedicate for our physical wellbeing. And sure, some of us love to hit the gym and feel the calories burning off our sweaty bodies – muscles toning and bodies getting healthier – others aren't the biggest fans of the sweaty and stenchy musclemen parading all over the place. That should be no excuse for our laziness, but it often is. [Un]fortunately, a few people seem to have caught onto our excuse and given us an alternative, so now we have no choice but to move our asses.

Steve Double, Neena Serag, and Sumaya Holdijk have been waiting for years to provide Cairo with a tranquil multipurpose space for the physical wellbeing of all Cairenes. Now they're finally making it happen, opening the doors of Osana Family Wellness today and extending the celebrations until the tomorrow, Saturday 23rd. During the opening, you'll be getting a taste of their much-needed yoga, Pilates, and holistic therapy classes. Located inside a stunning Maadi villa, you get a chance to relax your mind and body, enjoying the serene and tranquil feel of the refreshing and soothing space. Of course, fret not, serenity and relaxation is never complete without food – these guys know that. Deliciously wholesome and healthy munchies await when you arrive – so do free hugs! Seriously. That's part of the programme.

It's the hugs that sold us on this place, but if your mind is preoccupied about what you're going to do with the kids as you go get your hug on, these guys thought of that too. Osana Family Wellness is, quite obviously, all about the family. Kids have their own schedule and fun activities going on – they even get to play in the children's play area and the gorgeous villa garden; we think they get the better end of the deal, here.

Be sure not to miss out on the weekend opening; we'll be there hogging all the hugging.

For more information about the centre, you can check out their Facebook page and Instagram.