Thursday March 30th, 2023
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Port Said Authorities Foil Attempt At Smuggling 9 Million Tramadol Pills Through Egypt

Port Said police seize 9 million Tramadol pills hidden in a medical tool box coming from India and heading to Libya.

Staff Writer

Nine million Tramadol pills were confiscated by Egyptian police on Thursday from Port Said en route to Libya, according to Youm7. The controlled substance was smuggled in a container with medical tools coming from India, owned by a company in Alexandria. 

A joint committee was set up to inspect the contents of the container, under several officials from the Customs Evasions Department as well as Port Said officials, according to Al Oma News. Upon finding nine million pills of Tramadol, the necessary legal procedures were ordered, including confiscation and writing a report regarding the customs evasion.

Based on news from Customs Evasion and Anti-Drug Committees, the smuggling was impeded, after which the Anti-Drug Committee ordered intensified supervision and protection of customs evasion and smuggling, according to Acros News.

This news comes after 11 kg of heroin were seized at the Nuweiba Port in South Sinai by the Red Sea. The illegal substance was hidden in an air conditioner coming from Jordan via truck, according to Cairo Post. This is not the only case, as many attempts to smuggle illegal drugs have recently been shut down by authorities. One of the incidents included a man attempting to smuggle Tramadol in the diapers of his own children accompanying him.