Wednesday July 24th, 2024
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HolyFit: Egypt's Health and Fitness Guru Yusef El Serafy Just Launched His 28-Day Ramadan Program

Many studies have been done on the benefits of fasting and athletes are known to have used fasting to achieve their fitness goals. Fitness powerhouse Yusef El Serafy thinks you can too.

Staff Writer

HolyFit: Egypt's Health and Fitness Guru Yusef El Serafy Just Launched His 28-Day Ramadan Program

Ramadan is noted as a central time of the year around which everything is planned. You often hear the quick, we need to finish this diet before Ramadan, or the oh no, I won’t have time to do this because Ramadan is next week. To a degree, Ramadan becomes an excuse for many things (good or bad); including over eating. You’re fasting all day, so naturally you feel the need to compensate in the evening meal and not with a salad or (god forbid) grilled chicken. You go ham on the fried chicken and mahshi - we don’t blame you! But renowned fitness guru Yusef El Serafy knows exactly how to control your wildling instincts to make sure you stay fit and healthy while still indulging in your favourite dishes and giving your body all of the nutrition it needs.  He already has a flourishing personal training and health consulting business by the name of YS Fitness, but now he has put together a four-week program specifically for Ramadan that uses fasting as a tool to help you reach your goals. “Fitness gurus all around the world have used fasting as a way to enhance their athletic performance,” El Serafy tells us, “Intermittent fasting has been proven to improve bodily functions such as cell regeneration and weight loss while maintain lean muscle tissue.” According to El Serafy, stress is also one of the biggest body hindrances to weight loss. But Ramadan can also assist with relieving this. “Stress is a huge setback,” he tells us, “Some people may feel they’re doing all of the right things to lose weight but because their bodies are under stress, they don’t see results.” But through fasting in Ramadan and meditation, we can cleanse our bodies from the stress that builds up over the year "as long as we avoid bing-eating in Ramadan," El Serafy says. “If you use intermittent fasting correctly and don’t over eat in your two meals, your metabolism will work faster, you will lose body fat and detoxify your body, and even gain muscle. It can be a very powerful tool,” says El Serafy.      

In his program specifically tailored to men and women relatively, El Serafy fully plans out your entire day including when to workout and how, when to sleep, and what to eat at what time to help you stay fit. Not only that, but he also helps you take advantage of the spiritual, mental, and physical benefits that come along through fasting. You can call him now to set up your month-long program.  

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You can also contact him on or 0127 7988141.

Photo: Abdallah Sabry